New 'League of Legends' PROJECT Skins For Ashe, Katarina and Ekko

freedom ekko
FREEDOM: Ekko Riot

Last night, Riot posted a teaser page for the new League of Legends PROJECT skins featuring Ashe, Katarina and Ekko. If you go to the PROJECT: Disruption page, you can type in a series of words that correspond to either an old PROJECT skin or one of the newer ones. There are 15 entries in total, three for each of the newer skins and one each for the older models.  

unity ashe
UNITY: Ashe Photo: Riot

If you type the right word, you can see the new PROJECT skin’s weapons: Ambition is Katarina, Unity is Ashe and Freedom is Ekko. We still haven’t seen any splashes for these skins yet or if they plan on doing a cinematic like they did for the last batch of skins.

Luckily for us fans, Riot Japan did release a GIF that shows outlines of all these new skins. Ekko may be my favorite: his hair is so large and dynamic.

ambition katarina
AMBITION: Katarina Photo: Riot

League of Legends will soon have nine PROJECT skins, making it the largest skin theme in the game. These futuristic, technology-infused skins all have voiceovers that sound like they’ve been pushed through a synthesizer. Expect a full reveal to come out next week when the next patch hits the PBE.

PROJECT Katarina better look like a Beyblade when she uses her ultimate or I will be severely disappointed.  

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