New Fractal "Silent Surf" Now Available in Guild Wars 2

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Are you itching for some new content in Guild Wars 2? If so, a new update was released that introduced a new Fractal of the Mists called Silent Surf.

Fractals in Guild Wars 2 are like dungeons with 100 levels of increasingly difficult enemies. That said, the latest update added the new Silent Surf Fractal where you take on the role of a Serpent Clan salvage crew, headed by Captain Thess, in search of possible survivors beneath the petrified sea. It looks like a new threat has emerged in the aftermath of the Jade Wind, so be careful out there!

Aside from that, a new rewards tab for Silent Surf has been added to BLING-9009's inventory. This golem merchant can be found in the Mistlock Observatory in the Fractals of the Mists, for those who don't know.

Patch Notes


  • Scale Adjustments
    • To accommodate the release of Silent Surf, the associated scales of certain fractals have been changed.
  • Achievements
    • Adjusted the daily fractal rotation to include Silent Surf.
    • A new Silent Surf subcategory has been added under the Fractals of the Mists achievement category.


  • Several new weapon collections are available to unlock. Purchase the collection unlocks from Brotherhood Requisitions Specialists in Gyala Delve.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Echovald Wilds Daily Spirit Slayer achievement from progressing when slaying spirits. The achievement now counts will-o-the-wisps, unbound spirits, and Canthan spirits (except spirit retainers) toward progress.
  • Fixed an issue that caused fishing tournaments in New Kaineng City to award Writs of Seitung Province.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Bladesworn's Ring to require completing a different achievement than specified by the collection in order to purchase it.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Harbinger of Zhaitan achievement to check an incorrect number of Risen kills.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a spiderweb prop to render incorrectly when using DirectX 11.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Hide Ally Visual Effects setting to hide the telegraph for Focused Destruction in the Aetherblade Hideout Strike Mission.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Hide Ally Visual Effects setting to hide the telegraph for the key pairing mechanic in the Samarog raid encounter.
  • Fixed an issue that caused player dialogue to sometimes play lines for the incorrect character race or gender.


  • Endless Aetherblade Mutineer Combat Tonics have been disabled for use in WvW.

So, are you going to join Captain Thess' salvage crew in Guild Wars 2?

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