Guild Wars 2: Players Can Now Export Their Custom Input Bindings in Latest Update

November 29 Update
November 29 Update Twitter/@GuildWars2

Some really nice quality-of-life improvements have been implemented in the latest update for Guild Wars 2.

There are so many skills and items available in Guild Wars 2 that most players would resort to changing their input bindings to make things easier. That said, modifying input bindings every time when switching machines is really inconvenient.

So, the developers have included a nifty feature in this update that allows players to save their custom bindings locally, which they can then use across other devices they play on. The exported settings are found in a new folder located in the same directory as the screenshots folder. Players can quickly change to any of their custom bindings simply by importing them in the game.

In addition, the Primordus legendary variant skin collection is now available. Players can speak with Leivas after they’ve unlocked any Aurene-based legendary weapon to start collecting these skins.


  • The Challenge Mode for Strike Mission: Old Lion's Court is now available for those looking to face Scarlet's most devious watchknight threat! Players who defeat this challenging encounter can purchase new rewards.
  • Fixed an issue that caused defiance bars to unlock sooner than intended during phase transitions in Strike Mission: Old Lion's Court.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes allowed Boiling Aether to be created during phase transitions in Strike Mission: Old Lion's Court.
  • Equipped items that you have not selected an attribute combination for will display an alert icon to make them easier to identify.
  • Profession icons in player portraits now display a tooltip to identify the player's profession or elite specialization.
  • An option to randomize your character's appearance and armor colors is now available during character creation.
  • An icon has been added to the world map which will display a tooltip with information about how to use your personal waypoint, leave pings, and draw on your map.
  • Story Journal Improvements:
    • A new "View Next in Journal" button has been added to the pop-up notification after completing an episode or story chapter. Pressing it will open the Story Journal to the next available episode or story chapter. The button will display as "Unlock Next" if you have not unlocked that content yet.
    • After you complete the final step of any story chapter, episode, or Living World season, your active story will automatically be set to the beginning of the next chapter, episode, or season instead of your next personal story objective.
  • The existing exotic Primordus weapon set has been renamed to the Destroyer weapon set. Associated achievements and collections have been updated to reflect the new name.
  • During the Living World Season 1 episode "Sky Pirates," the Hard Boiled and Case Closed missions can now be played out of order when replaying the storyline.

Guild Wars 2 November 29 Update is available on PC.

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