New Destiny 2 Comic Tells The Story Of Cayde-6

The Destiny 2 Community mourned the loss of Cayde-6, but in this new comic from Bungie, we get to see him action one more time.
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Cayde Comic Splash
Check out the latest Destiny 2 lore comic from Bungie! Bungie

Thanks to the kindly folks over at Kotaku, it has come to our attention that there’s a new Destiny 2 comic for our viewing pleasure. This time around, we get to see our all-time favorite Vanguard, the lovable exo Cayde-6, as he puts together a team to hunt down The Trickster, Arakses.

Cayde Comic Panel 1 (Edit)
Cayde introduces the story with an narrative about how a simple bounty hunting mission went awry. Photo: Bungie

Developer Bungie has a lot going for it nowadays. Destiny 2 has been getting lots of updates, balance improvements, and a whole list of planned and welcome changes outlined in the 2019 Content Roadmap. So far, players are happy, ourselves included. But when Destiny 2 Forsaken came out last year, it basically breathed life back into Destiny 2, which, prior to that point, was on the verge of dying after some unpopular decisions and lackluster DLCs. Thankfully, that’s all in the past, and Bungie’s been keeping its track record spotless. It’s even thought of enriching our lives with some Destiny 2 lore in the ever-enjoyable form of a comic book! And what’s even more of a treat is that it features Cayde-6 who, after the events of Forsaken, has been missing from our lives and the lives of many a Destiny 2 player.

The comic is set before the death of Cayde-6, so no, he doesn’t rise from the grave to exact his revenge on the villain that ultimately helped killed him. In fact, the comic tells the story of why Arakses had it out for Cayde-6 in the first place, thus bringing a lot of welcome context regarding the death of our favorite Exo Hunter.

Cayde Comic Panel 2
Cayde’s Six is the motley crew of Hawthorne, Banshee-44, Petra Venj, Jin, Nadiya, and Cayde-6 himself. Photo: Bungie

The comic features Cayde-6 and five other supporting characters, many of whom we also know and love. We get to see Hawthorne, Banshee-44, Petra Venj, and Nadiya make an appearance as they squad hunts down Arakses. There’s also another character named Jin, who, as the folks over at PC Gamer have pointed out, looks eerily like The Drifter.

We’d like to tell you all about the comic, and Cayde-6’s Cayde’s 6 (that was a mouthful) but we’d also hate to spoil the story. Check out the comic yourself here on the Bungie website.

What do you think about the story in Destiny 2’s Cayde’s Six comic? Do you think he’ll be making a re-appearance in Destiny 2? Let us know in the comments section below!

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