New 'Breath of the Wild' Glitch Lets You Explore Underwater

breath of the wild legend of zelda talus
Rage against the Talus in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. (c) Nintendo

A new Breath of the Wild glitch discovered this week is allowing players to explore a previously inaccessible area of the map: anything underwater. Before you get all fired up thinking about deep sea adventures, remember this is a glitch, not an expansion, so there's not much of interest in those murky depths. Speaking practically, it's really only useful for fans trying to discover 100 percent of the map. Speaking impractically, it's still cool. This new Breath of the Wild glitch was discovered by twitter user @Swiffy22. Here's the video he shared online.

In case you can't watch the video, the method is simple. All you need to do to access this new Breath of the Wild glitch is get knocked back on the edge of some water. In the video, Swifty22 does it by getting hit by a Stone Talus, but it's possible to reproduce the glitch by detonating a bomb near the water's edge.

It is strange that Breath of the Wild doesn't feature a diving mechanic, since it's been in other Zelda games. These underwater areas look neat, too, and if you're into taking pictures in Breath of the Wild it's hard to imagine a more exotic locale for you to catalogue. Assuming the camera works. Swifty22 mentions in a thread how magnesis doesn’t work underwater, so you won’t be able to scavenge chests or items. Still, it would be a useful way to scout larger underwater areas for sweet, sweet loot.

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