New ‘Arms’ Trailer Reveals Helix, A Slippery, Walking Puddle Of Goo

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arms helix dna man
Helix joins 'Arms' on the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo

Nintendo has begun to ramp up the Arms promotional material ahead of the game’s June release date as they dropped a new trailer revealing a new fighter: Helix, AKA DNA Man.

Like the other Arms fighters, Helix’s approach to fighting is different from the other characters. Nintendo’s latest trailer also revealed other little tidbits regarding stages and a new weapon.

Check out the Helix Arms trailer below.

The first thing to notice is how Helix fights in Arms. He doesn’t necessarily strafe left and right like the other fighters do, instead he stretches his body in different ways while keeping his feet in one place.

We see Helix stretching his upper body so he can launch punches from above. This prevents both players’ fists from colliding and effectively blocking one another. We also see Helix’s side dash is vastly different from the other Arms brawlers. Instead of going left and right very quickly, he turns into a puddle of goo while he moves from side to side. He can even launch punches in this puddle state if you time your punches correctly. This puddle form is also great for avoiding throws by slipping underneath the arms of your opponent, leaving them wide open for a throw or flurry of punches.

arms helix super dodge
Helix can even dodge super flurry attacks. Photo: Nintendo

Helix also has a pretty quick jump and double jump, which allows him to get off quick punches and dodge attacks. He also boasts a pretty amazing dodge technique. When your opponent is ready to unleash their charged special attack, Helix can actually avoid each punch. As the new Arms trailer shows, all of this dodging allows Helix to charge up his special attack and unleash it while jumping.

We also get to see Helix’s stage, which we’ve seen in previous Arms trailers in the past. It’s the one where the two featured fighters are battling along giant test tubes with what looks to be other Helix in stasis. It looks like each Arms character will have their very own stage. Each new stage reveal could hint at other new characters coming to the Nintendo Switch title, so keep your eyes peeled.

As for weapons, we get to see a shield-like weapon that kind of looks like a lion that can be held in place when it’s launched. It’ll act as a shield for either your left or right side as it charges up. This can allow you to punish your opponent who is trying to get around the shield by using your free arm to hit them while they move around. When the shield weapon is completely charged it will release as a corkscrew attack that can deal a lot of damage to your opponent.

arms weapon shield
This new shield-weapon can really help you in a pinch. Photo: Nintendo

Arms is set to release for Nintendo Switch June 16.

So what do you think of the new Arms fighter, Helix? Who is your favorite character so far? Let us know in the comments section below.

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