Neverwinter: New Adventure and Dungeon Rework in Update NW.275.20221010a.6

Neverwinter Update NW.275.20221010a.6
Neverwinter Update NW.275.20221010a.6 Steam

Cryptic Studios, developer of Neverwinter, recently released a new update that added a new adventure zone, Northdark Reaches, and reworked the Temple of Spider dungeon. Along with these additions are several fixes for many in-game issues.

New Adventure Zone

The Underdark is not in the best state right now, and King Bruenor requires your assistance to search and uncover the reason for a missing scout. This is the new Adventure Zone called Northdark Reaches and it includes a brand-new campaign, Heroic encounters, and repeatable instances.

Dungeon Rework

In this update, developers reworked the Temple of Spider dungeon and is now playable on both Normal and Master difficulty settings. Your objective is to rescue a High Priestess of Lolth from the judgment of the Spider Queen, Lolth. Lolth isn’t known to be patient or kind, so don’t waste your time and rescue the High Priestess quickly.

Neverwinter Update NW.275.20221010a.6

Content and Environment
  • Icespire Peak: Some missing walls have been replaced.
  • Prophecy of Madness: This queue has been removed from the Reaper’s Challenge rotation.
  • Several minor visual issues in Protector’s Enclave, e.g. windows with strange reflections, have been addressed.
  • Shores of Tuern: Power area indicators no longer ride up walls here.
  • Tutorial: There is once again a step to equip the tutorial mounts after purchasing them from a vendor. These mounts can no longer be deleted or removed from the inventory.
  • Various functionality issues in certain older content have been addressed.
  • Various typos have been addressed in a variety of content.
  • Players who had completed Rank 3 Slayer achievements, but had not been granted the appropriate titles, will automatically be granted the appropriate titles briefly after logging in.
  • Rise of Tiamat: The meta-achievement now consistently gains progress when the appropriate achievement is earned. Players who had gained an achievement without gaining meta progress will be fixed on login.
  • The in-game achievement for completing the Crown of Keldegonn now applies with either Normal or Master difficulty completions.
User Interface
Character Select
  • Item Level now displays on selected characters.
Character Sheet
  • Attributes: On Xbox or PlayStation systems, the footer labels are once again accurate to the available actions.
  • Powers: If players focus a feat, the whole feat category is now scrolled into view.
  • Gear Preview: The animation picker now properly plays the appropriate animation on PC.
  • Queues: The framerate while the queue list is open on Xbox and PlayStation systems has improved.
  • The Inspect pane on the Shimmering Lockbox now shows the appropriate key.
  • Various bag icons have been updated.
  • Various incorrect icons have been corrected.
Home Page
  • The Home Page has had a layout change. It should give more useful information at a glance, and can now display developer announcements in the lower-right panel if any are active.

You can read more about the update here.

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