Never Give Up Now Available For the Switch and PC

Out on PC and consoles.
Out on PC and consoles. Masive Monster

Twitch-based death-defying platformer Never Give Up has officially released on both the Nintendo Switch and the PC. With its hazards and vicious traps, the game tests what you are made of in more ways than one. This is the largest game in the Give Up franchise, offering more than 10 stages of guided missiles, buzz saws, giant rhino mechs, and huge boss battles.

With each success, the challenge is increased. That is, every time you beat a level, a new element is layered on making it even harder. This rather treacherous platforming could increase your rage level but the “Give Up” button is always there to save you.

Key features of Never Give Up include:

    • Iterative level design lets players build their mastery while generating new challenges at every turn.
    • You have been warned that this game is hard, and every time you fail you're going to be made fun of until you GIVE UP. It builds character.
    • Unique GIVE UP button lets you take the coward's way out without stopping your in-game advancement.
    • Built-in splits timer for speedrunners let you track every piece of route optimization on every iteration.
    • Do you like seeing clowns, robots, alligators and mimes dismembered by buzzsaws? Us too. Unlock all 20 costumes by finding collectibles and secrets in each level!
    • One of the Game Grumps! Egoraptor! Yes, Arin Hanson voices the dashingly handsome and occasionally dismembered BLUE!

Never Give Up can be purchased for $14.99 on the Nintendo eShop, Steam, and

The game is developed by Massive Monster, which calls itself a creative collective. The company has worked on at least 50 games and makes sure to put their personality in everything they do. The game is being published by Armor Games Studios, which has its roots as a popular portal for online gaming. In fact, the first Give Up games had their start with Armor Games. Since its beginnings as a Flash Game portal, the studio has branched out and served as publisher for Steam games, browser-based MMOs, and even mobile titles.

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