Digital Pre-orders For VASARA Collection On Switch Available, Official Release Set For August 15

VASARA finally gets a release outside Japan.
VASARA finally gets a release outside Japan. QUByte Interactive

Digital pre-order for the VASARA Collection is now available for the Nintendo Switch. The game is set to be officially released on the Nintendo eShop this August 15.

This collection includes two of the original games, VASARA (2000) as well as VASARA 2 (2001). Both games were exclusive to Japanese Arcades in the past. In addition, the collection also offers a wide range of brand new content.

VASARA is a game where science fiction meets history. It takes place in an alternate timeline of Fuedal Japan. In this reality, technologically advanced equipment and weaponry are available. Heroes defeat their enemies with the use of flying motorcylces that come with amazing firepower along with fierece melee weapons.

In terms of story, leader Hideyoshi Hashiba has just died and rival Ieyasu Tokugawa is already putting plans in motion in order to take over. Players need to battle their way against a series of warlords sent by Tokugawa in order to prevent him from ruling. In order to prevent 1600s Japan from being ruled by tyrannical forces, players need to fight against rogue Samurai, evil soldiers, battle tanks, warships, and even giant robots.

Main features of the game include:

  • Tate Mode/ Vertical Mode support
  • Eight playable characters inspired by real Japanese historical figures
  • Sci-Fi meets Feudal Japan in this retelling of historical battles
  • Fight Robots and Samurais using traditional shooting and powerful melee attacks
  • Heavily skill-based gameplay for Experts
  • Easy Mode for Starters
  • Branching Paths and Multiple Endings according to your characters and in-game actions

The VASARA Collection also has an ace up its sleeve. In addition to the two games, a new timeless game mode is also being offered. For the first time, players can now play VASARA in a continuous mode with the fully procedural generated scenario in 3D and widescreen format, in the most old school style possible, disputing the highest score! That's not all, as the epic battle of good versus evil can be played with up to four simultaneous players that combine any of the nine characters from both games.

Aside from the Switch, the game is set to be released on PC and consoles as well.

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