Neos VR Update 2021.3.23.231 New Features, Bug Fixes, and More

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Neos VR developer, Frooxius, recently released a new update that added new features and fixed some known issues. The context menu is finally available in desktop mode for better access. These menus got optimized as well, resulting in the cursor easier to use.

The game locking the cursor when the player switches to VR mode and odd interactions in the new desktop mode, among others, have been fixed by this update. Read the new features and changes in detail below.

Update 2021.3.23.231

New Features:

Context Menus in the New Desktop Mode

  • Press the middle mouse button or the "Y" button on the gamepad to open/close them.
  • They will also open when clicking on certain objects (e.g. Avatars or Tooltips/Equippable items).
  • When the context menu is open, the cursor will switch to freeform to easily select and click on the items without having to aim head at them.

Tools, Gadgets and Other Equipable Items Now Usable in the New Desktop Mode

  • When equipped, the avatar's hand is positioned relative to the head so the item is visible in the first-person mode.
  • The positioning is based on the grip pose. If it's not set up properly, the item will be misaligned. The tool/item/gadget is automatically aimed at the point in the world currently under the cursor reticle.
  • For this to work correctly, the item needs to have a properly set up TipReference, which corresponds to the exact tip and direction that the tool should aim at (using Z-axis as forward).
  • Existing RawDataTooltip items are auto-upgraded using heuristics, using sources of raycast or particles. You might need to adjust the TipReference on some manually if the detection doesn't work properly.
  • Current bindings are (these are tentative and will likely change):
    • Primary - Left Mouse Button/Right Trigger (gamepad).
    • Secondary - R key/Mouse Button 4 (is present)/ X button (gamepad).

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Neos locking the cursor when running in the VR mode.
  • Fixed headless running some actions that should only be run by the user under who is given behavior parented.
  • Fixed BeforeInputUpdate event being potentially executed twice on some components.
  • Fixed SmirkLeft and SmirkRight expressions breaking the AvatarExpressionDriver when activated.
  • Fixed ContextMenu collider being enabled until it's first used.
  • Fixed some odd interactions when using the new desktop mode with the old one.
  • Fixed ScreenController update order being the same as TrackedDevicePositioner, causing the simulated hand to freak out in some cases (where it ends up initialized after the TrackedDevicePositioner).

You can read more about the update here.

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