NEBULOUS: Fleet Command Update - Fleet Editor Improvements

NEBULOUS: Fleet Command Update
NEBULOUS: Fleet Command Update Steam

The developers of NEBULOUS: Fleet Command released an update focused on new features, such as fleet editing in lobbies and quick testing range. In addition, several in-game issues have been fixed.

Fleet Editing in Lobbies

The latest update introduces the ability to edit fleets while waiting in the lobby, either to kill time or make important adjustments to help players fit with their team. They can access the Fleet Editor directly from the Skirmish lobby by selecting the pencil icon found next to the fleet’s name. The fleet that is left open in the editor when returning to the lobby will be selected by default.

Quick Testing Range

Another feature introduced for the Fleet Editor is the ability to test fleets quickly. The currently loaded fleet will be your fleet, and you will be reminded from the fleet list to select a fleet to use as target dummies. However, AI is disabled in this feature, which means the ships are just static targets.

NEBULOUS: Fleet Command Update

  • The Fleet Editor can now be accessed from the Skirmish game lobby, in both singleplayer and multiplayer.
  • Clicking the edit button on yourself (or a bot if you're the host) will take you to the fleet editor and load that fleet.
  • Other fleets can be loaded at any time.
  • The fleet you have active in the fleet editor when returning to the lobby will automatically be set as the selected fleet.
  • Note to modders: You will need to indicate a component's Cost Breakdown Class in its configuration, or it will always be grouped as "Other."
  • Added flank speed and damage probability stats to propulsion stats block.
  • Seekers set to reject unvalidated targets will no longer stage prematurely when being jammed.
  • Adjusted spectator overlay ship list sizes.
  • Temporarily disabled the automatic syncing of mods in multiplayer lobbies.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed "Working" modal not appearing when loading a fleet in the Fleet Editor.
  • Fixed null reference with chat host when loading a saved Skirmish game.
  • Fixed Home-On-Jam seekers targeting ships when auto-fired by the PD Controller.

You can read more about the update here.

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