'NBA Live Mobile' Introduces Summer Courts Program With New Players And Locations

Brooklyn Park is among the four summer courts introduced for NBA Live Mobile.
Brooklyn Park is among the four summer courts introduced for NBA Live Mobile. EA Sports

With much of the talk in EA Sports basketball circles about NBA Live 18, the team in Orlando has not forgotten about their popular NBA Live Mobile game. With the summer in full swing, EA Sports released a new program for the game.

For the first time, NBA Live Mobile will have the Summer Courts program. This program will feature new courts, new players and different scoring for games reminiscent of streetball. With games on the blacktop, the games become up-tempo and the rules are less restrictive.

During the summer, EA Sports will release one new court every week. The four courts are some of the most famous from around the country, although they are missing the greatest playground ever — Rucker Park in New York. Here are the four courts that players will see:

  • Venice Beach
  • Brooklyn Park
  • Margaret Hie Ding Lin Park
  • Seattle Pacific University

In addition to new courts, players will see new players added to the Summer Court program. Some of the players are not only former and current NBA players, but they are also legends on the parks included in NBA Live Mobile. There will be over 100 players, and some of the players featured in the announcement of this program are a pretty good start:

  • Lance Stephenson, New York's all-time leading high school scorer
  • Jamal Crawford, Seattle legend
  • Hall of Fame Legends such as Allen Iverson, Bernard King, and, for the first time, “Dr. J,” Julius Erving!

There is also one more addition to the Summer Courts program that will be included in NBA Live Mobile.

New program designs

  • Earn Summer Cred via Live Events and Objectives to level up your BONUS 80 OVR Bernard King all the way to 97!
  • A new, Summer-focused line-up with its own, unique play-style
  • Three more BONUS Summer Court-specific Bosses that can all be leveled in unique ways.
  • New events, new scoring systems

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