'NBA 2K17' Update Coming To Fix Shot Meter Glitch & Ankle Breakers, Says Gameplay Director

'NBA 2K17'
'NBA 2K17' is getting an update to fix a troubling shot meter glitch and nerfed ankle breakers. The game's director recently teased these requested changes in new tweets. 'NBA 2K17' is available now on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. Visual Concepts/2K Sports

NBA 2K17 players are demanding an update to fix a major glitch with the game’s shot meter. In recent tweets, 2K gameplay director Mike Wang commented on that issue as well as ankle breakers.

For those not caught up on the fiasco, NBA 2K17 features a rather irritating glitch that causes the possessing player’s shot meter to suddenly shoot from full to half capacity in the middle of standard jumpshots. As a result, baskets are missed, points are lost and otherwise skillful gamers are left scratching their heads. Community members have come up with some bizarre solutions that occasionally work, but the problem remains mostly present.

To those angry fans, Wang has a very clear answer. “The shot meter glitch requires a patch, which hasn’t dropped yet,” he told one disgruntled follower. This response comes hours after 2K pushed a series of server-side fixes to tweak overpowered badges, AI opponents and perimeter double teaming. It was preceded by a formal software update on Tuesday that addressed a wide variety of mode-specific complaints.



Yet, amongst the many adjustments, new problems were also introduced. In order to encourage a more natural defensive style, it appears the Ankle Breaker Badge has been turned down a bit too much. While it used to disrupt just about everyone on the court at any time, recent changes make the perk somewhat useless. Getting an ankle breaker to work mandates a level of precision that’s simply too hard to achieve.

On that matter, Wang also replied with news that should be encouraging to players. In mentions, he confirmed that studio producer Jerson Sapida “is looking into it.” The added smiley face emoticon implies a certain degree of optimism. Considering ankle breakers required a software update to nerf, it’s reasonable to think a slight buff must also be in a patch. Of course, we don’t know precisely if the shot meter and Ankle Breaker Badge will be fixed at the same time, but the remedies should come close to one another.

Beyond these lingering frustrations, NBA 2K17 has continued the series’ recent tradition of positive critical reception. The game’s PS4 version currently has a Metacritic score of 89.

NBA 2K17 is available now on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

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