NASCAR 21: Ignition Patch Adds Support for More Third-party Wheels

Nascar 21: Ignition
Nascar 21: Ignition Steam

Patch for NASCAR 21: Ignition has a lot of notable additions and improvements. First of all, the developers added support for more third-party wheels. For consoles, support for Thrustmaster wheels, including the T500 and the Ferrari 458 Italia, has been added.

On PC, the Logitech MOMO Wheel Shifter and the Fanatec CSW 2.5 with V3 Inverted pedals have been reinstated. So, if you’ve been wanting to use any of these, you can after applying the update. Also, the buttons on the steering wheels can now be mapped for certain in-game actions.

Improved AI

Improvements to AI behavior have been implemented. For example, the AI may determine whether it needs to go to the pit stop, especially after cautions.

Furthermore, when they go to the pit stop, the AI would not suddenly slow down upon exiting the pit at the Charlotte Speedway.

Multiplayer Smoothness

The devs added the ghosting feature in the game. Basically, any car that is stopped or doing something out of the ordinary will have its collision turned off. This means that the flow of the race goes smoothly as other cars do not have to stop when these things happen. In addition, there is now a confirmation prompt when you are leaving the online lobby.

Patch Highlights

  • Added support for Steering Wheel buttons for in-game actions (such as the Pit Menu)
  • Playstation
    • Added support for Thrustmaster T-GT Wheel
    • Added support for Thrustmaster T500 Wheel
  • Xbox
    • Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Italia Wheel
    • Thrustmaster TMX Pro Wheel
  • PC
    • Reinstated support for Logitech MOMO Wheel Shifter
    • Reinstated support for Fanatec CSW 2.5 with V3 Inverted pedals
    • Reinstated support for Thrustmaster T150
    • Added support for multiple monitors, to use this feature please set the game to Windowed Mode
  • Added AJ Allmendinger to the driver roster
  • Improved sensitivity of Yellow Flags, especially on Speedways
  • Improved player and AI formation on rolling restarts after a Yellow Flag, additional refinement is needed
  • Improved AI behavior determining the need to pit after cautions, additional refinement is needed
  • Adjusted the AI to better handle large obstacles on track such as accidents involving multiple cars
  • Adjusted AI behavior after Yellow Flags
  • Adjusted AI behavior so that they do not suddenly slow down when exiting the pit at Charlotte
  • Adjusted the maximum allowed tire pressure to be more realistic
  • Adjusted damage settings to greatly reduce the frequency of encountering an issue that could prevent damage from being shown on the car after an impact
  • Added initial implementation of “ghosting” feature to Online play, additional improvements to come
  • Added a confirmation prompt when leaving an Online lobby
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Online exit prompt to be briefly unresponsive

You can read the full patch notes on the game’s official website.

NASCAR 21 Patch is now available on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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