Naraka: Bladepoint Take Control of Spirit Wells in New Game Mode

June 28 Update 24 Entertainment

Developer 24 Entertainment launched a new patch for Naraka: Bladepoint that introduced a new and enjoyable game mode.

New Content

Capture the Spirit Well is a new faction versus mode in Naraka: Bladepoint where two factions, namely Fervent and Psylith, vie for control over Spirit Wells on the map. Each faction consists of 12 players that are divided into four teams of three. Players on each team must decide on their lineup because they cannot choose the same hero.

The main objective here is to capture and maintain control of Spirit Wells. There are five Spirit Wells situated at the north, south, east, west, and center portions of the map. These can only be captured when there are no enemies nearby, so just imagine how chaotic things can be when teams start to converge at a single location.

The first faction to reach 1,000 points wins. Alternatively, the faction that scores the most points before the timer runs out wins the game.

Here are the other things players must know about this new game mode:

Basic Rules

  • When defeated, you can open the map and choose to revive at your faction's Soul Altars.
  • In Capture the Spirit Well, players gain Dark Tide Coins over time. Additionally, capturing the Money Tree on the battlefield increases the Dark Tide Coins for your faction.
  • Challenges to boost morale will appear periodically during the battle. You can get the corresponding rewards upon completing the challenges.
  • You can spend Dark Tide Coins at the Rift Dealer on the battlefield to assemble powerful sets of equipment for yourself.
  • When defeated you keep all your items, except for Extreme Souljades.

Other Rules

  • When there is a significant point difference between the factions, Bounty and Bodyguard Quests will be triggered. Pursuing or protecting the Bounty objective grants your faction substantial points.
  • In this mode, the effective range of Ziping Yin's Ultimate, [Saving Grace] and [Saving Grace: Aegis], is changed to 50 meters.
  • Rift Dealer can now recommend suitable Souljades based on your current Primary Weapon and Secondary Weapon.

New Items

  • A powerful Moonbane Charm item unique to the Capture the Spirit Well has been added: It has a shorter duration but greater potency.
  • New Extreme Souljade items have been added to Morus' Blessing: Soulfire Blades, Shadow Eclipse, Annihilation Render, Moonbane's Wrath.
  • New Souljade items have been added to the Rift Dealer: Warrior, Divine Form, Backfire, and Soul-drawing.

So, are you going to join in the new Capture the Spirit Well game mode of Naraka: Bladepoint?

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