Mysterious New Blizzard Online Shooter Could Feature Vehicles

Is Blizzard making a StarCraft-themed FPS game? Blizzard

Last year, we learned that Blizzard has plans for an unannounced first-person project. Now, some new clues have just popped up, and like the previous hints, the intel comes from Blizzard’s job postings.

The most recent clue comes from a posting for a senior software engineering position. The job description specifically calls out for an expertise in vehicles. The relevant text from the post is as follows: “Blizzard Entertainment is looking for a talented gameplay engineer to help create vehicles and build vehicle handling features in a robust first-person engine for an unannounced project.” That’s pretty straightforward as far as vague job posting lingo goes.

We had previously speculated that Blizzard’s job listings pointed towards an Overwatch campaign or something that involved the popular online shooter. However, with the addition of vehicles, it seems this project could be moving away from the fight between Overwatch and Talon. That leaves one of two options:

  1. This is a new IP for Blizzard. This answer is as exciting as it is a cop-out. A new Blizzard world is always exciting, but fans might want to see something more familiar.

  2. This is somehow related to an existing Blizzard property that heavily features vehicles: StarCraft.

What adds further speculation towards StarCraft is Blizzard employee, Dustin Browder, who was the lead designer of StarCraft II before moving into the game director position for Heroes of the Storm . As of a little over a year ago, Browder left this position to “work on other projects” at Blizzard. Could we expect a StarCraft-related FPS? Does this mean I can start dusting off the StarCraft Ghost jokes?

Seeing as how the post confirms the announced project is a first-person shooter game, it likely isn’t tied to the mobile game hints we’ve seen in previous job listings. It looks like we’ll have to continue searching BIizzard job postings to learn more about the mobile game as well.

So what do you think? Are you curious to know what Blizzard is working on next? What do you hope this mysterious FPS game with vehicles ends up being? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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