A Myst Film And TV Universe Is In The Works, Produced By Village Roadshow

The hit PC series spans 10 titles and thousands of years' worth of in-game universe.
Village Roadshow will be producing various visual media based on the Myst game series.
Village Roadshow will be producing various visual media based on the Myst game series. Cyan Productions

Joining the ranks of Saints Row, Gears of War, Uncharted, The Division 2 and countless others, the hit PC series Myst will be getting its own film adaptation, as well as a TV universe.

As initially revealed by Hollywood Reporter, Village Roadshow Entertainment Group has acquired the film and TV rights to the adventure puzzler series Myst. The series has been a certifiable best seller over its many iterations, selling well over 15 million copies worldwide since the initial release of Myst back in 1993 for the PC.

Village Roadshow will be making the series into a multi-interactive franchise spanning both film adaptations and television series. What’s more interesting is that there are even plans to produce both scripted and unscripted content for TV shows.

Alongside Village Roadshow, the Myst cinematic universe (or MCU – heh) will be developed and produced by the series’ co-creators, brothers Rand and Ryan Miller. Delve Media’s Isaac Testerman and Yale Rice will also be involved in the series’ production. As for the approach, Village Roadshow announced that Myst will be getting the full-scale treatment, with the entire creative team being utilized to adapt the properties through film and TV.

First developed and released back in 1993 by Cyan Productions, the initial Myst game sold well over 6 million copies, which was the record-holder for the best-selling PC release at the time. It would be nearly a decade when this record would be broken by The Sims, which was released in 2002. During the subsequent years, a number of Myst sequels were made and developed into a franchise, which collectively sold more than 15 million copies. It also expanded into other media, with a number of Myst novels published by Hyperion.

The Myst canon itself is quite deep, spanning millennia of mythology and history. Even then, the games barely scratched that surface, with the primary saga focusing on Atrus, the grandson of a woman who sets into motion a series of events when she discovers a mysterious civilization called the D'ni in a cavern deep in the desert of New Mexico. The D’ni possesses a unique ability to write books that can connect distant worlds, which serves as the premise for the series of games and novels.

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