My Time at Sandrock: Players Can Now Get Married in Knives Out Update

My Time at Sandrock
My Time at Sandrock Steam

My Time at Sandrock is a fun life simulation game where you play as a builder tasked to maintain and save the titular desert town of Sandrock from economic ruin. This game features a vast open world that you can explore. Plus, it has a ton of mini-games, so you will never get bored!

Recently, developer Pathea Games launched the Knives Out update, which brought a ton of new content, including the much-awaited marriage system!

In My Time at Sandrock, you can go on a date with one of the citizens. Once you’ve developed a connection with someone and you’re ready to go to the next stage of your relationship: you can propose to them by heading to an area at the upper right corner of the map. Be sure to purchase an Engagement Ring from the Mysterious Man before doing so.

Marriage System
Marriage System Twitter/@MTaSandrock

Patch Notes

  • Added some main stories and side stories, the main story reaches its climax as players gradually uncover all the conspiracies
  • Added Arvio, Qi, Fang, Justice, Pen, Unsuur, and Catori romance quests
  • Added face lift stories and moved the function to Magic Mirror; Pablo's Parlor is no longer for makeovers
  • Added the North Mesa Plateau
  • Added the Double Bed, which side will you take?
  • Added the Auto Assemble Station, this is a giant leap for automation!
  • Added workshop helper function; partners offer some help after marriage, and there is another helper who never feel tired!
  • Added a holiday: Showdown in the HIgh Noon, and unlocked more NPCs available for sparring
  • Added play/date mi-ni games: Stargazing and Cable Cart
  • Added mole cave ore ordering system
  • Added a new weather: Rain
  • Added a special weapon, obtained in the new story.
  • Added the List of Yakmel Stations while riding Yakmel carts
  • Added mount color change, enriched the color options for Yakmels and Camels
  • Added the target auxiliaries for controllers, which is useful for targeting in the map UI and Treasure Detector
  • Added the Advanced Water Tanks and Advanced Fire Powered Generator, which can provide longer-lasting energy!
  • Added the advanced fish pond
  • Added a new haircut: curly
  • Added research machines. We no longer have to play hide-and-seek with Qi to submit the discs.
  • Added NPC behavior when visiting relics in the players' workshop
  • Added the ability to display the source and attributes of items in the Encyclopedia in detail
  • Adjusted the amount of salt sold in the shop
  • Adjusted the action value and favorability of the play/date mini-games
  • Optimized the objects selection in home editing, and the dragging method has also been added
  • Optimized the showroom input method
  • Optimized the Refiner and it can find equipped gear now
  • Optimized mount training performance

So, are you ready to get married in My Time at Sandrock?

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