‘My Hero Academia’ 180 Recap Spoilers: Is the Fight Between Gentle and Midoriya Over?

Midoriya fighting in the 'My Hero Academia' anime.
Midoriya fighting in the 'My Hero Academia' anime. Toei

The fight between Midoriya and Gentle/La Brava has raged across a few chapters of the My Hero Academia manga, but chapter 180 seems to bring the battle to a close.

After learning both La Brava and Gentle’s backstories, are the mischievous duo as bad as they appear? It doesn’t seem that way, but can Midoriya beat them after La Brava unleashed her quirk to power up Gentle to a level unlike anything he’s experienced before?

Here’s what happened in My Hero Academia chapter 180.

SPOILER ALERT! The following will spoil Chapter 180 of My Hero Academia. If you haven’t read it yet turn back now.

The chapter begins in the midst of the fight between Midoriya and Gentle. La Brava cheers for Gentle on the sidelines as Midoriya begins to doubt if he can continue to stand up to Gentle’s full power.. Gentle starts to overpower Midoriya and thinks about what the Hero-in-training told him in the previous chapter, how no one is mocking him.

As they fight, Gentle asks Midoriya why he became a hero. Midoriya says that the two of them are not so different. They have similar backstories, their goals are not theirs alone and they both fight for someone. Gentle does what he does for La Brava and Midoriya does it for his mom, for All Might and for those he has met along the way. Midoriya almost abandoned his dream of becoming a hero but met people who respected him and his dream. So he wants to honor them and proclaims that he wants to be the guy who shows them all a bright future.

Gentle smiles and tosses Midoriya into the woods. La Brava pulls out her PC to deactivate U.A.’s security system but realizes she isn’t close enough. She runs off into the woods and Gentle yells out to her that it’s too risky to go alone. Gentle tells Midoriya that he must end their fight fast to help La Brava, so he will abandon all notions of dignity to take him down. Gentle believes he’s doing this as a sign of respect for the man Midoriya has proven to be.

Elsewhere, La Brava continues to run through the woods when she notices U.A. security close by.

Midoriya continues to be pummeled but he uses his force air attack to distract Gentle. As Gentle avoids the attacks, Midoriya sneaks up on him and lands a St. Louis Smash to knock the villain out. Midoriya pins Gentle down to the floor and tells the villain that this is the toughest battle he’s fought so far.

La Brava runs back to the fight and sees Gentle defeated. Tearing up, La Brava runs at Midoriya to tell him to get off and that Gentle put everything into their plan today. She asks Midoriya where her bright future is when Gentle is the only light she has in the world, and that he can’t steal him from her.

Gentle thinks back to when he first met La Brava and how she always wanted to go out with him on their capers instead of staying back to do the hacking. Gentle didn’t want her to become an accomplice to his misdeeds but he eventually caved to her demands. The villain thinks to himself how she won’t run away now, but if she stays security will learn she helped him in battle and she will be an accomplice. With his last ounce of energy, Gentle uses his quirk to launch Midoriya off of him and into the air so they can pretend the battle never happened when U.A. security shows up Gentle thinks to himself that Midoriya should take pride for this is the hero’s victory.

Security arrives and Gentle, clenching La Brava in his arms, surrenders.

My Hero Academia is available weekly through Shonen Jump.

Are you said to see Gentle and La Brava be taken in? What will happen to Midoriya and the school festival? Let us know your thoughts for the next chapter in the comments section below.

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