Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord November 12 Update

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord received a small update today. Patch e1.6.4 brings balancing changes to multiple classes. It also fixes bugs on both single-player and multiplayer modes. The patch increased the cooldown for shouts to 2.0 seconds from the previous 0.4 seconds.

New weapons are added as well, including bows, two-handers, and shovels. Over 200 perk changes to multiple classes are made, and several crashing issues are squashed as well. You can check out the changes to classes below.


  • Infantry
  • Weapon adjustments
    • Buffed some underperforming one-handed weapons.
    • Nerfed many two-handed weapons.
    • Added new melee-oriented perks for heavy infantry classes as well as replaced some existing ones.
    • Heavy infantry classes now have better shields by default.
    • Increased the combat speed for most heavy infantry classes.
    • Decreased the combat and movement speed of shock troops (they still remain one of the fastest troop types in the game).
  • Cost changes
    • Voulgier (Vlandia) 120 -> 130.
    • Legionary (Empire) 160 -> 150.
    • Guard (Aserai) 120 -> 130.
    • Ulfhednar (Sturgia) 120 -> 130.
    • Further increased the cost of shock troops in team deathmatch and siege.
  • Cavalry
    • Couched lances will now disengage earlier on lower speeds.
    • Many weapon adjustments to lances.
    • All light cavalry now uses long spears by default. Light cavalry can now also upgrade into newly created cavalry spears.
    • All heavy cavalry now uses lances by default.
    • Slightly decreased the speed of horses.
    • Reduced the charge damage of all horses.
    • Decreased the armor values of all horse bardings.
    • Increased all horse hitpoints.
  • Cost changes
    • Mounted Archer 150 -> 250 (only in team deathmatch and siege).
  • Ranged
    • Reduced the archers turning speed penalty while aiming.
    • Made weapon switching after releasing missiles faster.
    • Reworked the default bows of each class.
    • Changed the characteristics of nearly every bow and crossbow.
    • Reworked bow and quiver visuals of all items. Each arrow type now has its own “strong arrow” variation.
    • Added many new bows as perks. Perk bows now offer similar damage but other advantages like draw speed, range, and accuracy.
    • Increased damage of throwing weapons (throwing axes received an extra buff).
    • Aserai Skirmishers now use Jereeds by default.
  • Cost changes
    • Wildling 120 -> 130.
    • Aserai Veteran 160 -> 150.

The developer also released an update for the beta branch of the game. You can read the patch notes of both main and beta versions from the official website.

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