Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Beta e1.5.9 Brings Massive Changes to the Game

Patch Notes
Patch Notes TaleWorlds Entertainment

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord just received a massive update for its beta version. The update touched everything including UI, animations, art, single-player, and multiplayer, which are core aspects of the game.

The Update Beta e1.5.9 fixes dozens of crash issues and some bugs related to the Save and Load feature. Some new things are added as well like the new clothing item "Decorated Thick" and a new cloak "Reinforced Neck Guard." They are improvements as well, including in the cloth physics of the Northern Warlord Helmet.

The walking-to-running transition of NPC characters is now much smoother. From now on, the animation will not reset whenever a character equips a new item. Additionally, the update introduced two new siege maps, namely, Domogtul Castle and Ayzar Stronghold, while four existing maps received some improvements.

A small portion of the patch notes is mentioned below.


  • Added a new clothing item: "Decorated Thick Tunic."
  • Added a new cloak: "Reinforced Neck Guard."
  • Performance improvements to Sturgia level 2 gatehouse model.
  • Fixed cloth physics issues with the "Northern Warlord Helmet."


  • NPC characters now have a smoother transition from walking to running when escorting players.
  • Inventory animation refactoring has been completed. Characters no longer reset their animations when a new item is equipped.

Map Related

  • Added two new siege maps: Domogtul Castle and Ayzar Stronghold.
  • Xauna
    • Improvements to the pit fence physics and other fixes.
  • Echerion
    • Many physics improvements to corners and other fixes.
    • Fixed the path material.
  • Baraveneos Encirclement
    • Fixed an issue with the barricade changing its position when damaged near flag G.
    • Lowered outer and inner gate HP. Slightly increased G flag gate HP.
    • Some physics improvements.
  • Tsagaan Castle
    • Solved physics problems on stairs.

You can read the complete patch notes on the official site.

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