Motor Town: Behind The Wheel Update 0.6.1 New Police Vehicle, Parts and More

Motor Town: Behind The Wheel
Motor Town: Behind The Wheel Steam

Motor Town: Behind The Wheel recently received Update 0.6.1 that added a new police vehicle and parts. It also improved different aspects of the game.

The Police Interceptor 1 is a kind of weak vehicle to drive around. So, in this update, the developers added the 240HP Elisa as a police vehicle. To drive this 240 horsepower car, players must meet the minimum requirements of driver level 30 and racer level five.

To make things more interesting, the developers have introduced new Turbocharger parts. A Turbocharger can boost your vehicle’s torque and power. It also comes with a boost gauge UI and louder intake sounds. There are two types of Turbochargers for now, but the developers are planning to add more in future updates.

Motor Town: Behind The Wheel Update 0.6.1

Improved and Changed
  • [UI] UI Scale option is added
  • [Taxi] Max comfort bonus is changed (Old: 50%, New: 20% x Vehicle Comfort Value)
  • [Multiplayer] When a player leaves the session while driving, that vehicle and trailer will be respawned at the original location
  • [Multiplayer] If a world-vehicle is abandoned, it will be respawned at the original location
  • [WorldMap] You can now see the own-vehicle map icon even if another player is driving it
  • [World] Removed bump at the entrance of Jeju airport warehouse
  • [Vehicle] TCS's braking power is improved to handle powerful engine
  • [Savefile] If loading the save file is failed, automatically try to load backup files
  • [Leaderboard] Topspeed record condition is improved to avoid false record
  • [Tow Mission] Tow-request vehicles now turn on Hazard light
  • [Roadside Tow Service] Unstrapped cargo now also moved along with vehicle, instead of left behind
  • [Character] Character name is limited by alphabet and number
  • [Stuck] If a character is stuck inside cargo or vehicle, the character can ignore collision and walk out from it
Bug Fixes
  • [Track] One of the Ranch Oval's race sectors was randomly not loaded
  • [Localization] Traffic violation fine message was localized by the host player's language
  • [Vehicle] Voltex and Ranch pickup's left and right side mirror size was different
  • [Customization] If restart game after buying a new vehicle, the paint color was randomly changed
  • [Navigation] Fixed navigation that didn't go through Gang-Jung town
  • [Vehicle] Small cage trailer is not attach-able randomly
  • [Vehicle] Van Trailer interaction was not available to the multiplayer client
  • [Vehicle] Vehicle/Trailer was moving slowly after a player left it

You can read more about the update here.

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