Mortal Online 2 Patch Opens Up the Sewers and Adds New Points of Interest

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Mortal Online 2s latest update went live just a few hours ago. The patch is heavily focused on changes to existing content, but a handful of things have been added. The world has received a new batch of points of interest locations. So, open up the game and try to find them.

The patch also opens the sewers of Fabernum city. A Young Minotaur model is added as well, and ritual pets will now die if the player abandons them. Horses and wolves now require few control points, and the max taming range of horses is reduced. Check out the rest of the changes below.

  • Armor shoulder pads are now hidden in first person view so they do not block your view in combat.
  • The following races now get additional attribute points:
  • Khurite: +2 attribute points per grandparent.
  • Kallard: +1 attribute point per grandparent.
  • Huergar: +2 attribute points per grandparent.
  • Increased the melee and blunt damage resistance of player owned structures.
  • Players in the Ether who receive the Transcendental Awareness buff will no longer see living Players.
  • It is now easier to hit other players with the Ether Beam while you yourself are in the Ether.
  • The duration the Ether Beam needs to be maintained before damage is applied has been lowered significantly.
  • The Ether Momentum spell’s movement speed bonus has been increased by 100%.
  • The Ether Momentum spell duration has been increased to 5 minutes. (Was previously 1 minute)
  • You can now place buy orders for Ritual Blood at the broker.
  • Loot luck and loot amount gained from trinkets now apply to your pets as well.
  • There is now a notification telling you that you can not delete stolen items while they are still marked as stolen.
  • You can no longer equip a trinket while it is marked as stolen.
  • Ahk bond now tells you how much damage the bond has moved to the bonded target.
  • Adjusted the collision on all sword hilts. Handle hits should now be less frequent.
  • Adjusted the HP of ritual Bears, Terror Birds, and Tupilaks.
  • Increased the range of the Tupilak’s ranged attack.
  • Slightly increased the movement speed of the ritual Celaino.
  • Reduced the ritual Celaino’s melee attack damage.
  • Looting the loot bag of someone you are at war with will now trigger the war combatant timer.
  • You now have to wait 45 seconds after the last damage you received before you can delete items from your inventory. (Previously 6 seconds)

The patch addressed a few dozen bugs as well, and you can read them via Steam.

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