‘Mortal Kombat X’ Triborg, Leatherface, Alien And Bo Rai Cho Fatalities, Brutalities List [VIDEO]

mortal kombat pack2
The Kombat Pack 2 fighters for Mortal Kombat X NetherRealm

The release of Mortal Kombat XL also marks the release of the Kombat Pack 2 fighters for those who have (and kept) their copy of Mortal Kombat X .

Alien, Triborg, Leatherface and Bo Rai Cho are the four DLC characters for the best fighting game of 2015 and with them comes brand new fatalities and brutalities to put the hurt on your opponents.

We compiled the list of fatalities and brutalities for each new Kombatant and how to do them. There’s also some video to show you how each one looks, just in case you were on the fence about purchasing Kombat Pack 2 or any individual character.



Team Work (Mid) Forward, Back, Forward, Forward

Death Machine (Far) Forward, Down, Down, Up


Head Strong: L2+R2

  • all variations

Friendship: L1 or SQUARE + X (A)

  • all variations

  • player must press SQUARE (X)  or TRIANGLE (Y) 4 times during final hit

  • Hold Back for Cyrax

  • Hold Forward for Sektor

  • Hold Down for Smoke

Incoming: Back, Forward, SQUARE (X)

  • Sektor variation

  • must be jump distance

  • must shoot 3 straight missiles during the match

HEAD’s UP: Down, Back, CIRCLE (B)

  • Cyrax variation

  • player must hold Down during final hit

  • Victim must be in the air during the final hit

Spear on the Head: Back, Forward, SQUARE (X)

  • Smoke variation



Seeing Double (Close) Forward, Back, Down, SQUARE

Hook and Sinker (Close) Back, Forward, DOwn, Forward, X (A)


Counter-Fried: L1 or SQUARE + X (A)

  • all variations

  • must hold Forward during the final hit

Butcher Block: L2 + R2

  • all variations

  • must hold Down during final hit

Half Stab: Down, Back, X (A) + CIRCLE (B)

  • Killer variation

  • final hit ust come from Running Frenzy (CIRCLE) while in Berserker Stance

The Tenderizer: Down, Back, Forward, SQUARE (X)

  • Butcher variation

Trimming the Fat: Back, Forward, TRIANGLE (Y)

  • Pretty Lady variation

  • Must be jump distance away 



Killer Queen (Close) Down, Down, Back, Forward, X (A)

Deadly Hybrid (Mid) Back, Forward, Down, Forward, SQUARE (X)


Slash and Bash: Down, Back, X (A) +R2

  • all variations

  • final hit must come from a Tail Grab

Little Head: L1 or SQUARE + X (A)

  • all variations

  • player must hold FORWARD during final hit

Acid Burn: (Air) Down, Back, TRIANGLE (Y)

  • Acidic variation

Alien Baby: Down, Back, SQUARE (X)

  • Konjurer variation

  • must connect one Facehugger during the first round (Down, Back, SQUARE)

The Slicer: Down Back SQUARE (X)

  • Tarkatan Variation



Booze You Loser (Close) Down, Down, Back, Forward, SQUARE (X)

Bottom Up (Close) Back, Forward, Down, TRIANGLE (Y)


Fat Iron: L1 or SQUARE + X (X + A)

  • all variations

  • must hold down during final hit

Tubs of Fun: Back, Forward, CIRCLE (B)

  • all variations

  • must perform 3 Belly Bashs or Flying Kicks during match

Hot Foot: Down, Forward, SQUARE (X) + R2

  • Dragon Breath variation

Blowing Chunks: Down, Forward, TRIANGLE (Y) + R2

  • Drunken Master variation

  • must be Level 3 Drunk

Head on a Stick: Back + X (A), SQUARE + X (A)

  • Baritsu variation

Have you tried out the latest fighters in Mortal Kombat X? Who is your favorite? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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