Mortal Kombat Mobile: Update 3.6 Brings the God of Wind Fujin to the Fight

Mortal Kombat Mobile Update 3.6
Mortal Kombat Mobile Update 3.6 Nether Realm Studios

The God of Wind Fujin is now available in Mortal Kombat Mobile. Update 3.6 also brings the Elder Wind Tower event and new brutalities for Nightwolf and Erron Black.

Fujin is one of the main protectors of Earthrealm alongside his brother, Raiden. He controls the wind and can unleash deadly hurricanes to damage foes and keep them at bay. He also wields a sword that he can use to dish out some pain.

In addition to Fujin, there’s a new limited-time tower event that you can conquer to earn some valuable rewards. Once you’ve defeated every enemy in the Elder Wind Tower, you’ll get a guaranteed Diamond character with increased chances of acquiring either Fire God Liu Kang or the MK11 version of Nightwolf.

Aside from that, the new Brutality Equipment for the Diamond variants of Nightwolf and Erron Black can also be unlocked through the Elder Wind Tower. Alternatively, the new Brutalities can be purchased through the in-game store.


  • Fixed an issue with Klassic Ermac’s Soul Siphon that caused it to be disregarded by Bosses in Event Towers
  • Fixed an issue with MK11 Sindel’s second hit of her first Special Attack that caused her to miss when the opponent was too far
  • Fixed an issue with MK11 Jade’s Passive where blind opponent’s misses were counted as Jade’s dodges from the Passive
  • Fixed a bug when Injustice 2 Raiden's second Special Attack could not KO opponents
  • Fixed Kitana Characters from not being able to KO opponents with their first Special Attacks. This affects the following Characters:
    • Assassin Kitana
    • Ronin Kitana
    • Mournful Kitana
  • Fixed a Relic Hunt Tower progress bug where the progress was getting blocked due to a server profile update issue
  • Fixed various bugs that caused crashes in Faction Wars battles
  • Fixed the Character Immortality exploit which could happen under a certain combination of Talents, Equipment, and team compositions. This affects the following characters:
    • Kold War Skarlet
    • Hellspawn Scorpion
    • Spec Ops Characters
  • Fixed an issue with Talent Revenant when it would trigger before Death Mark was applied from MK11 Noob Saibot’s first Special Attack
  • Fixed a bug with Divine Argus Cloak where it would prevent Klassic Rain from applying Team Soaked debuff
  • Divine Tornadic Pauldron Equipment had incorrect Event Tower effects. Now it has Edenian Tower effects
  • Now players can upgrade and downgrade talents, and reset any tiers
  • Now players can save, load, and rename Talent Presets
User Interface
  • Talent’s menu is updated to support new management and support features
  • Constant touch feedback is added. Players can change its intensity in Settings
  • Character card and Tower Level animations have been sped up

Mortal Kombat Mobile Update 3.6 is available on Android and iOS.

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