Morbius Brings The Hunger to Marvel's Midnight Suns

Prepare for The Hunger.
Prepare for The Hunger. 2K

The third post-launch DLC for Marvel's Midnight Suns is now available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. Titled The Hunger, it features the living vampire Morbius, the new recruitable hero joining the roster and wielding 11 unique hero abilities.

For those not familiar with this character, Morbius is a famous biochemist who accidentally transformed himself to a bat-like creature while trying to cure himself of his rare disease.

In the game, he teams up with the Midnight Suns to fight the vampyre threat that's sweeping across New York City. While Morbius is indeed a big help in fighting against the vampyre outbreak, it's not the only danger they need to deal with. That's because Hydra has started to infuse undead DNA to their troops to have its very own transformed supersoldiers.

As Morbius works to reverse-engineer their traits to develop a serum that would let him survive sunlight, there's a big risk of it going to the wrong hands and could make all of vampyre-kind unstoppable.

Getting Morbius

To recruit Morbius, players need to complete his first story mission "Weird Science." He then becomes playable after finishing the “Spidermaaaans” mission and when Spider-Man unmasks in the Abbey during Act One.

In combat, Morbius applies Bleed to his enemies and takes advantage of that effect to deliver increased damage. Like Captain Marvel, he enters into a "Bloodlust" state after using some of his abilities. While in this state, he gets Block while also causing all of his damaging abilities to apply Bleed. Morbius works well with Blade because the latter can distribute Bleed through Chain abilities while the former does it in increased single-target damage.

Finally, his "A Greater Hunger" passive from building friendship lowers the needed amount of cards to activate Bloodlust.

New Content

In addition to Morbius, the new DLC also offers new story missions which allow players to fight against fresh enemy types in new encounters. There is also the new Abbey Upgrade, the Laboratory. Courtesy of Morbius, this upgrade lets players buy permanent modifications on the secondary stats of the hero, though expect a trade-off. Those able to upgrade the Laboratory can see the number of stat options and their rarity increased.

Are you ready for Morbius The Living Vampire?

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