Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Gets A New Story Trailer

Featuring a new hub world, Jagras riding, Tigrex in action, and the return of Glavenus.
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A new story trailer for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne drops.
A new story trailer for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne drops. Capcom

The hype train for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne continues. Capcom, not satisfied by the amount of excitement created by the recent release of videos showcasing new mechanics for all fourteen weapons in the game, has now released another trailer, this time showcasing some new monsters, mechanics, and an overview of Iceborne’s story. Also, an incredible tease at the end for Generations fans everywhere.

So, what exactly was revealed in this story trailer for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne? Check it out for yourself down below and see if you can catch everything new incoming with this gigantic expansion.

The trailer starts off with the various Fleets making their way to Hoarfrost Reach, where they are building another hub area. This new hub area functions the same as the one in the New World, located somewhere in the Ancient Forest. It looks like you’ll still be able to explore to your heart’s content, craft your weapons and armor at the blacksmith, and get your food courtesy of what looks like a new cat chef. I’ll miss Meowscular Chef, though.

The trailer then cuts into an expedition to Hoarfrost Reach, where the Hunter and the Handler encounter a new Legiana variant called the “Shrieking Legiana.” It’s bigger, more ferocious and a lot more aggressive than the one found in Coral Highlands, showing off new icy moves that look more dangerous than ever before. Another monster is briefly shown, this time in the form of a new Elder Dragon called Velkana, who takes residence in both Elder’s Recess and Hoarfrost Reach. The footage for it is very brief, which I assume is there only to tease and not give an in-depth look into this new apex predator.

After Velkana, we also get a good first look at returning monster Tigrex. The monster found residence in Rotten Vale, and the footage shows off some monster versus monster action as the resident aggressor Odogaron gets his ass handed to him by the much bigger and more aggressive Tigrex.

The trailer did show a new mechanic as well, in that Iceborne now allows you to ride the Jagras as you explore the Ancient Forest. It’s yet to be announced if this will be applied to all smaller monsters across all locales, but even if it’s just for the Jagras, the ability is a very welcome one.

Finally, the trailer ends with the Hunter facing off against a lone Rathian. The trailer then cuts to black, but not before a blade cuts across the screen, sending sparks into the air. For anyone who’s ever played Generations, the color scheme for the blade and the sparks could only mean one thing – Glavenus is back, and it’s out for blood once again.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne releases on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 6. A PC release is coming as well this Winter.

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