Monster Hunter: World and Prey Now Available On Xbox Game Pass

The Xbox Game Pass brings in two great titles to its already extensive list of games.
Monster Hunter: World to be included in the Xbox Game Pass.
Monster Hunter: World to be included in the Xbox Game Pass. Capcom

This April, Xbox Game Pass subscribers are in for a treat. Monster Hunter: World and Prey are coming to the Xbox Game Pass, alongside a handful of other popular titles. Prey hits the Game Pass service on April 11, and Monster Hunter: World joins a week later on April 18.

Gaming subscriptions like the Xbox Game Pass have been received with mixed emotions, but little-by-little they’re making their way into the heart of the industry, and the hearts of the consumers. With the latest additions to the Xbox Game Pass, players can enjoy two well-received games. Monster Hunter: World came out as a smash hit early last year, and is the latest installment to the Monster Hunter franchise. Prey came out in 2017 and since launch, developer Bethesda Softworks has released tons of new content updates allowing the game to remain fresh and withstand the test of time.

In addition to Monster Hunter: World and Prey, Microsoft has also announced a bunch of other titles to be added to the Xbox Game Pass this month. The Golf Club 2 debuts on the Game Pass on April 11 at the same time as Prey. The Walking Dead: A New Frontier releases alongside Monster Hunter: World on April 18. Life Is Strange 2: Episode 2 is set to come out on the Game Pass on April 24, and Resident Evil 5 rounds out the month the day after, on April 25.

Subscription-based gaming services like the Xbox Game Pass are a relatively new trend in the gaming industry, but they definitely offer some great value. Strangers to the Monster Hunter franchise who have so far been hesitant to purchase and play a Monster Hunter title will now be able to jump in to the game with ease. After all, the idea behind these gaming subscriptions is to expand a game’s market, and allow titles to reach consumers they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to.

What do you think about the Xbox Game Pass gaming service? What games do you hope to see included in their repertoire in the months to come? If you’re a current Game Pass user, what made you decide to subscribe, and if not, what would it take to get you to subscribe? If gaming-as-a-service is indeed the future of the industry, then we’d like to know what our fellow gamers think about it. Share your thoughts on the Xbox Game Pass and what it represents in the comments section below!

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