Monster Hunter Rise: Title Update v. Patch Notes Now Live Ahead of Expansion’s Release

Sunbreak Expansion
Sunbreak Expansion Steam

A pretty hefty patch for Monster Hunter Rise will be available later today on Nintendo Switch and tomorrow on PC. Title Update v. features content for the upcoming Sunbreak expansion (releasing June 30) and other changes, improvements, and bug fixes.

Once Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak goes live, players can access the new story content after unlocking the Hunter Rank cap. For the uninitiated, this only happens when the final mission of the base game is completed.

Aside from that, Master Rank will be available as well. Players who attain this rank will get new exclusive quests, which pit them against more powerful versions of existing monsters.

For PC-specific changes, players can take advantage of the detailed Photo Mode that adds a few extra options for adjusting the focal length and applying filters in real-time. Monster Hunter Rise is also going to support NVIDIA DLSS technology.

Below are just some of the highlights that players can expect in Title Update v.

Sunbreak Expansion

  • Story Elements
    • New base, monsters, locales, and endemic life
    • New weapon trees, armor, layered armor, decorations, and skills
  • System Elements
    • New character creation elements
    • Switch Skill Swap loadouts
    • New Smithy features, such as Rampage Decorations
    • New features added to the Lottery and Melding Pot at the Market
    • New Dango Skills and Canteen features
    • New Buddy Plaza features
  • Moves and Player Mechanics
    • Switch Skill Swap and Swap Evade added for all weapon types
    • New switch skills, combos, and more added for all weapon types
    • New training area features:
    • New attacks were added for each weapon type that combo from landing after a jump or a fall
    • Recovery items with drinking animations (like Potions) no longer trigger the animation when you're at full health, and they can now also be canceled
  • Other Mechanic-related Changes
    • Hunting Skills have been added to the types of completion conditions for optional subquests
  • Base and Facilities
    • Rampage Decorations have been added and can be crafted at the Smithy
    • Content for level 4 decoration slots has been added to the Smithy
    • New Dango Skills have been added to the Canteen
    • A new feature called Hopping Skewers has been added to the Canteen
Pc-Specific Changes
  • A new Classic filter has been added
  • New vibration types 1 to 3 were added for Controller Vibration options under Game Settings
  • New keyboard setting options added under Controls: Palamute - Cancel Mount and Wyvern Riding - Evasion
  • Lighting effects added for supported Razer products

The full patch notes can be found on the official website.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion will be available tomorrow on both Nintendo Switch and PC.

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