Monster Hunter Rise: Update 3.8 Fixes Some Freezing and Crashing Issues

Monster Hunter Rise Update 3.8
Monster Hunter Rise Update 3.8 Twitter/@monsterhunter

Monster Hunter Rise, the popular action RPG developed by Capcom, has received a new update that fixes some freezing and crashing issues. If you have encountered such problems when playing the game, you should download this patch immediately.

Update 3.8 also adds a new feature that notifies you of add-on content on the title screen and at the Courier. This can be enabled or disabled by heading to Options > Promotion.

Notable Bugs Fixed

There are things that you can do on the “Mutual Likes” list that will result in an empty slot appearing out of nowhere. Selecting this slot will cause the game to freeze. Fortunately, the devs have resolved this issue.

Another fixed issue is a crash if the game takes too long to boot. Although this happens occasionally, it is still a good thing that the devs are on top of the situation.

A problem when using items via the Radial Menu when your weapon is drawn out has been addressed. Apparently, it was caused by issues with the consumption of crafting items in some circumstances. You do not have to worry about this anymore.


  • Some text in Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese will now be displayed in a calligraphy font
  • New Event Quests will be available every week
  • New DLC can be purchased from Nintendo eShop
Base or Facility
  • Fixed a bug causing the Host to be displayed with a Cohoot on their arm on the guest's screen if the Host cancels calling their Cohoot at the same time the guest enters the Lobby
  • Fixed a bug occasionally preventing a monster's falling animation from being played to the end
  • Fixed a bug occasionally preventing certain attacks, such as Sticky Ammo, from doing damage if they hit at the exact same time that the mud crust around Jyuratodus's neck is broken
Player and Buddies
  • Fixed a bug causing the 4th color of Type 1 clothing to differ between the thumbnail and the actual model
  • Fixed a bug causing hair to clip through armor when combining certain hairstyles with certain pieces of armor
  • Fixed a bug causing different numbers to be displayed for the same hairstyles on the Character Edit screen and the add-on content screen
  • Fixed a bug causing clipping in the upper arm of the player character when combining certain arm wear and waist armor
  • Fixed a bug occasionally causing elemental effects on Buddy weapons that do not have an element on them
  • Fixed a bug occasionally preventing the recovery guide from being displayed when the player is hit with a restricting attack for the first time
  • Fixed a bug causing the player to always perform a running landing if they hit the ground with the Switch Axe in sword mode
  • Fixed a bug when comboing from a backward dodge into a Forward Slash with the Charge Blade in sword mode

Monster Hunter Rise Update 3.8 is now available on Nintendo Switch and PC.

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