Modern Warfare 4 Continues To Be Teased As The Next Call Of Duty Title

So much so that I'm pretty sure there'll be a backlash if it's not Modern Warfare 4.
Members of Modern Warfare 2's Operation Kingfish (from L to R): Soap, Price, Sandman and Ghost.
Members of Modern Warfare 2's Operation Kingfish (from L to R): Soap, Price, Sandman and Ghost. Infinity Ward

While a new Call of Duty title is set to be announced before the end of June, fans are still in the dark as to what it’s going to be. Activision has stated that the company is working on keeping player engagement up, which has certainly been a problem with the franchise. This is because as the Call of Duty series is a yearly title, we can expect it to be immediately replaced the following year, and so content usually stagnates before it even reaches three quarters of a year.

The solution seems simple enough: either stop releasing Call of Duty regularly, or pick a fan-favorite title and stuff it with content that keeps players motivated to keep playing way past its few months of release. While I don’t think Activision will do the former, there is an absolute case for the latter, seeing as it looks like we will be getting a Modern Warfare sequel this year.

Recently, rumors have begun surfacing online that the newest title will be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4, a sequel to the trilogy that launched Call of Duty to massive success. Adding to the flames of those rumors is Robert Bowling, a former community manager at Infinity Ward for all three Modern Warfare titles, who now works as a creative consultant at EA. In the past couple of weeks, he has been building up the hype for the possibility of the next Call of Duty being Modern Warfare 4, and it finally reached fever pitch yesterday.

It’s still too early to say if what Bowling is saying could have any actual bearing, with him possibly having insider knowledge. It might very well be possible that this is just wishful thinking on his part, but it certainly did its job and hyped up Call of Duty fans for the upcoming reveal.

The most interesting of note, however, is his last tweet which included a date: “10.8.19.” The last Call of Duty, Black Ops 4, was released back in October 12, 2018. Maybe he does know something we don’t.

In any case, expect the new Call of Duty to be revealed in the coming weeks, which may very well coincide with E3 in June.

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