Mobile Legends: Bang Bang New Hero Nolan Now Playable on Advanced Server

Beta Patch 1.7.96 Moonton Studios

Do you want to try a new hero on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang? Moonton Studios launched Beta Patch 1.7.96 on the advanced server that introduced Nolan, the Cosmic Wayfinder.

Nolan is an agile melee assassin in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang who is capable of creating rifts with his enhanced basic attacks and abilities. When two rifts converge, all nearby enemies are damaged, pulled toward the center, and slowed down for a brief period.

Moreover, Nolan's first and second skills have a very short cooldown of just 1.5 seconds, allowing him to create multiple rifts without breaking a sweat.

Speaking of skills, his first skill, Expansion, prompts Nolan to slice enemies in a rectangular area in front of him, dealing physical damage and slowing targets hit. Nolan's second skill is called Gauge, a pretty simple attack where he dashes in a target direction, dealing physical damage to enemies in his path.

What about his ultimate? It's called Fracture, and when used, Nolan slashes enemies in front of him, leaves three rifts behind, and dashes backward immediately after. What's great about this backward dash is that it removes all debuffs on him as well.

Aside from the new hero, Beta Patch 1.7.96 revamped Natalia's second skill, Smoke Bomb. Instead of dodging all basic attacks and increasing attack speed by 25% to 50%, Natalia's Smoke Bomb now makes her untargetable by enemies outside of the smoke. In other words, Natalia cannot be targeted by basic attacks or skills while she's inside the Smoke Bomb's area of effect.


Equipment Adjustments

  • Scarlet Phantom
    • Physical Attack: 30 > 70
    • Crit Chance: 25% > 20%
    • Removed Attribute: 20% Attack Speed
    • New Attribute: 10% CD Reduction
    • Removed: [Unique Passive: Frenzy]
    • New: [Unique Passive: Phantom]
    • Casting the Ultimate grants 15% extra Movement Speed.
    • [Price] 2,020 > 2,140
    • Build Path adjusted accordingly.
  • Haas' Claws
    • Physical Attack: 70 > 30
    • New Attribute: 20% Attack Speed
    • New Attribute: 20% Crit Chance
    • Removed: [Unique Passive: Insanity]
    • New: [Unique Passive: Frenzy]
    • Gains 20% extra Attack Speed upon Crit Hits.
    • [Price] 1,810 > 2,020
    • Build Path adjusted accordingly.


  • We updated the model and portrait of Akai's classic skin.
  • Fixed an issue where the beam from Gord's Ultimate would spin uncontrollably.
  • Fixed an issue where Popol might cause a logic error with equipment "Immortality" when resurrecting Kupa.
  • Fixed an issue where the damage area of Pharsa's Skills 1 and 2 didn't match the visual effects or the indicator.
  • Optimized and updated generic in-game sound effects and battle music. We also added the new interactive music feature.

So, what can you say about the new hero, Nolan? Do you like Natalia's newly revamped Smoke Bomb?

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Beta Patch 1.7.96 is available on Android and iOS.

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