Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Developers Changed How Natalia’s Passive Works in Beta Patch 1.7.72

Beta Patch 1.7.72
Beta Patch 1.7.72 Twitter/@MobileLegendsOL

Some interesting changes have been implemented in Beta Patch 1.7.72 for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. One of those has something to do with Natalia’s stealth state.

Natalia is a pretty strong assassin hero in Mobile Legends. Part of her charm is that she’s able to go into stealth mode two seconds after entering a bush. While an exclamation point warns enemies that she’s nearby, it seems that not a lot of people who actually see her can react in time.

So, the developers implemented an experimental change in Beta Patch 1.7.72. Now, Natalia gains Camouflage after one second in a bush, which pertains for a set period. Although exclamation marks will no longer appear over Natalia or the enemies’ heads, she’s slightly more visible now, giving her foes an easier time spotting her.

According to the devs, this change was made so that Natalia enters stealth slightly quicker than before but at the cost of being partially visible to the enemy to keep things fair.

Patch Notes

  • Passive
    • New Effect: Dealing damage with Basic Attacks or skills increases Harley's Attack Speed by 5-10% (scales with level), Stacks up to 10 times.
  • Skill 1
    • Effect Removed: Attack Speed increase based on number of hits on the enemy.
  • Skill 2
    • Movement Speed: 30% for 4s > Up to 60%, decaying over 4s
    • Cooldown: 8.5-6.5s > 10-8s (Skill now enters cooldown immediately after the first attack).
    • Mana Cost: 60-110 > 75-0
  • Ultimate
    • The magic ring of fire can now be removed by skills such as Purify. However, it can no longer be blocked by other heroes during casting.
  • Ultimate
    • Rage has been removed. Minotaur now enters the Enraged State immediately and starts smashing the ground upon using the Ultimate.
  • Passive
    • Effect Revamp: Applying a control effect to an enemy with skills will reduce their Hybrid Defense. Healing an ally with a skill will increase their Hybrid Defense. These effects are doubled in Enraged State.
    • Removed the Attack Speed reduction from Skill 1 and Attack Speed bonus from Skill 2.
  • Skill 2
    • New Effect Silvanna has Control Immunity while casting this skill.
  • Ultimate
    • New Effect Silvanna can now use Flicker while leaping.
    • Cast Range: 6.5 > 5 units
  • Passive
    • Enemy HP Percentage Damage: 7.5%6 at all levels > 5-8% (scales with level). (Max damage to Creeps for the adjusted part is capped at 500.)
  • Skill 1
    • Bounce Damage: 150% at all levels > 150%-200%
    • The shell's damage no longer increases upon eliminating a target.
  • Skill 2
    • Base HP Regen: 200-300 > 200 at all levels.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Beta Patch 1.7.72 is available on Android and iOS.

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