Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Beta Patch 1.7.38 Implements Experimental Changes to Natan

Natan, the Spacetime Walker
Natan, the Spacetime Walker Twitter/@MobileLegendsOL

A new patch is up for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on the game’s advanced server. Beta Patch 1.7.38 implements some experimental changes to Natan.

Developer Moonton Studios wants to turn the time-traveling hero into a marksman that can dish out fast-attack magic damage. For this reason, his passive ability has changed in that he doesn’t need to convert his physical penetration to magic penetration anymore. Instead, Natan can now directly gain magic penetration, allowing him to deal damage even to those tanky targets.

Additionally, Natan can now get more benefits from items that improve magic damage and attack effects. As a result, players may have to change their current item builds to fit Natan’s new identity.

Beta Patch 1.7.38 made some favorable adjustments to Layla as well. This noob-friendly hero’s first skill now increases the cast range of her second skill, Void Projectile. This allows her to poke enemies from a safe distance.

Patch Notes

  • Basic Attack
    • Range reduced to 4.8 units
  • Skill 1
    • Damage dealt to non-hero units is converted into shield as well.
  • Ultimate
    • Higanbana blooms upon every hit instead of only the first hit, but the bloom range is reduced and damage decays if Higanbana hits the same target repeatedly.
  • Passive
    • Damage Increased with Distance: 100-140% > 100%-135%
  • Skill 1
    • Damage Bonus: 180% Total Physical Attack + 120% Total Magic Power >> 100% Total Physical Attack + 150% Total Magic Power
Yu Sun-shin
  • Passive
    • First Enhanced Basic Attack's Damage: 60%-100% > 70%-100%
    • Second Enhanced Basic Attack's Damage: 60%-75% > 55%-70%
    • New Effect: First Enhanced Basic Attack now grants extra Movement Speed on hit.
  • Ultimate
    • Base damage reduced to 90 at all levels
    • Extra damage increased to 0.5% - 3%
    • Mana cost increased to 50-160
  • Skill 1
    • Mana cost reduced to 50-90
  • Skill 2
    • Slow effect increased to 50% - 75%
  • Ultimate
    • Optimized the accuracy of the tapping, sliding and edge immobilizing ranges.
    • Slow Effect increased to 75%
  • Wings by Wings
    • Cooldown increased to 23 seconds
  • Skill 1
    • Base damage increased to 320-545
  • Passive
    • Damage increased with Flying Speed reduced to 10% - 20%
  • Base HP reduced to 2,426
  • Ultimate
    • Cooldown starts after the effects of the Ultimate ends
    • Cooldown reduced to 45-35 seconds
  • Ultimate
    • Link’s Slow Effect reduced to 30%
    • Cooldown increased to 48-40 seconds
  • Passive
    • Damage reduction from each Paralyze stack reduced to 5%
  • Skill 1
    • Cooldown increased to 9-5 seconds
  • Skill 1
    • Cooldown reduced to 10-8 seconds
  • Skill 2
    • Cooldown reduced to 15-12 seconds
  • Passive
    • Defense reduction from each Mark reduced to 4%

The full patch notes can be found here.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Beta Patch 1.7.38 is available on Android and iOS.

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