Upcoming MOBA Fangs Now on Early Access on Steam and Epic Games Store

Are you ready for a new MOBA experience?
Are you ready for a new MOBA experience? Hidden Leaf Games

If you're looking for a new MOBA, then check out Fangs now in Early Access on Steam and the Epic Games Store. What makes this game exciting is that it was developed by Steve "Guinsoo" Feak, the game designer involved in Dota and League of Legends. Unlike your typical MOBA, this one is 4v4 and focuses on hero-specific strategies.

For the Early Access release, players can access three different playable maps where each has various battlefield conditions and unique strategic challenges staged in distinct environments. These maps feature two different win conditions and their own quirks and challenges. The two win conditions are:

  • Aspect Win
    • Push the payload.
  • Captain Win
    • Win by killing the enemy Captain four times.

Each game is a best of five rounds, with either win conditions being met.

On launch, players get access to a diverse roster of 14 heroes along with a more in-depth customization system. With the ability to change augments each round, players can change their playstyle and match any team comp challenge.

For Fangs, developer Hidden Leaf Games wanted to augment the best-in-class MOBA combat through strategic decision making. According to the team, when they first started brainstorming for the game, they studied some of their favorite MOBA and used elements that they believed spoke for the genre. Of course, it also meant that mechanics which didn’t add anything to the experience they wanted were eliminated.

Ultimately, the studio wanted a game where players are empowered to express their style with a fast-paced hero brawler while also rewarding adaptability and precise skill. The game is a treat for both veterans and new to MOBA since it’s easy to learn but hard to master. To make sure that new players won’t be afraid to try the game, the studio eliminated laning phases, CSing, and even complex item builds.

Features of the game are:

  • 4v4 action MOBA.
  • Design led by the designer responsible for DOTA and League of Legends.
  • Roster of 14 unique heroes.
  • Original VO lines for each hero.
  • Individual hero customization with multiple augment combinations.
  • Fast Paced Action.
  • Team-based strategy.
  • Competitive accessibility. Easy to learn but hard to master.
  • High replayability and game progression.

Get Fangs on Steam or the Epic Games Store.

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