MLB: The Show 22 Game Update 3 Fixes Dozens of Bugs

MLB: The Show 22
MLB: The Show 22 San Diego Studio

MLB: The Show 22's recent update went live on all platforms a few hours ago. Game Update 3 brings multiple changes to the game and fixes dozens of bugs. From now on, players will be notified when the pitcher has 25% energy remaining.

Controller rumble has been improved, and the bugs where tutorials are displayed multiple times have been addressed. The game finally gives you an option to skip diamond cinematic pack presentations.

We have mentioned a portion of the patch notes below:

  • Batters pressing R2 to view the pitch history will no longer impact the gesture portion of Pinpoint Pitching for the defensive player. If R2 is pressed at the same time or after the pitch motion is started, R2 will no longer interrupt the defensive user. If the batter presses R2 before the pitch motion has started, the motion will not start.
  • Continued balance for Pitcher Energy in 3 inning modes: We’ve reduced pitcher energy by 15% but more importantly, we have also reduced energy lost per pitch. This will result in being able to use relievers longer and more effectively.
    • DEV NOTE: You might think this is backtracking from the update we put out on 4/12 where we increased RP and SP energy, but this rebalance, specifically the reduction in energy lost per pitch, will ultimately result in pitchers being able to throw more pitches.
  • Changes made to the role rotations in 3v3. Now users will switch to baserunner after batter.
  • Added a controller rumble when pressing L2 to queue for steal as the baserunner.
  • Improved Intentional Base on Balls criteria for the CPU.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause tutorials to display multiple times.
  • Introduction of the Nike City Connect Houston Astros uniform.
  • Over 400 new player images can now be seen throughout Franchise/MTO and on stadium jumbotrons.
  • Users can now skip diamond cinematic pack presentations by pressing square (PlayStation)/X (Xbox)/Y (Nintendo Switch) twice.
  • Over 600 new player images can be seen throughout Diamond Dynasty, My Inventory, and Player Card screens.

The complete patch notes can be read via the official blog.

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