‘MLB The Show 17’: Sony Refines Ball Trajectory Physics, Adds MLB Network Integration

MLB The Show 17 may be one of the best games so far in 2017 but it is experiencing online issues that are getting worse.
MLB The Show 17 may be one of the best games so far in 2017 but it is experiencing online issues that are getting worse. Sony

Since Sony announced that Ken Griffey Jr. would appear on the cover of the upcoming MLB The Show 17, speculation concerning how Griffey would be integrated into the game arose. In addition, many wondered how Sony would improve on a game that is already considered one of the best sports games.

Over the last few days, Sony has finally started to slowly release information about the game. In many instances, the company is using blogs and introduction videos to show what fans can expect. In other cases, many fans are also watching Twitch and YouTube videos to pick up new details regarding MLB The Show. There is so much that Sony hasn't said, but with MLB teams reporting to Spring Training this week, you can be assured that Sony will begin releasing more information in the days ahead.

While there is excitement about what has been seen and spoken about regarding MLB The Show 17, here are two things we know that fans should be excited about.

Gameplay And Animations Improvements

One of the things that is always a highlight of the MLB The Show franchise is the realism the game delivers. From the team-specific high-fives to gameplay that properly reflects real Major League Baseball, The Show continues to be one of the best games on the market. This year, Sony upped the ante and improved on the gameplay and animations for MLB The Show 17.

One of the biggest additions is the increased number of ways the baseball travels. Sony took steps into create more realistic baseball movement by examining the physics behind the trajectory of the baseballs when it comes off the bat. A ball that may have been a dribbler down the first base line may now be a line drive down the line that could curve around first base and roll into foul territory. This is big addition to MLB The Show 17 and only adds to the realism of the game going forward.


MLB The Show 17
MLB The Show 17 gameplay screencap

While the NHL franchise has gone with the NHL on NBC presentation (graphics, score bugs), other sports games have not taken on using real network branding for their games. MLB The Show was one of the games that everyone expected use real network branding, especially with the increased popularity of the MLB Network. According to a video that was recently taken down by Sony, MLB The Show 17 may have finally pulled the trigger.

According to Operation Sports, a video that was posted by The Game Informer Show featured MLB Network integration in MLB The Show 17. More about the game’s presentations will be revealed in a couple of weeks, but just seeing the MLB Network score bug was a refreshing thing to see as Sony finally pulled the trigger on something that has been discussed for a while. Hopefully, this is the start of other sports gaming franchises looking to include production elements from its television partners.

While only two things were discussed in this article, more will be coming and iDigitalTimes will be bringing all the news for MLB The Show 17 in the coming weeks. How do you feel about MLB The Show 17 and what you have heard so far? Let us know in comment section.

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