The Mini SNES System Can Fit In My Pocket And Other Cool Things We Noticed

The Mini SNES can fit in your hand easily Nintendo

Despite the rumors , when Nintendo announced a follow-up to the popular Mini NES system, there was a lot of excitement from fans, especially since the second miniature system will be based on the Super Nintendo. Nintendo invited us to to see the Mini SNES up close and personal.

And here are some observations from our time with the upcoming system.

The Mini SNES Can Fit In My Pocket and May Be Smaller Than the NES Mini

The Mini SNES was on a stand in the middle of the room and I was amazed by how tiny it was. Like the Mini NES before it, you can easily hold the entire system in your hands. Another journo brought his original SNES console to make comparisons, and I forgot how big the original was.

Well, the Mini SNES will be a  perfect travel system for anyone trying to get some hours of Mega Man X in while they’re away. I can’t wait to compare the size of the Mini SNES with the Mini NES because at first glance, the SNES looks even smaller. I was even tempted to throw the system into my pocket (and no, I didn’t walk out with it).

mini snes pocket
The Mini SNES is so small it can fit in my pocket. Photo: Martinez

Controllers Appear to be the Same Size as the Original

While the console itself has shrunk, the controllers seem to be the same size. I know they are probably scaled down a bit, but the controller fit well in my hand, better than the Mini NES controllers.

mini snes controller
The Mini SNES controller is a good size. Photo: Player.One/Phillip Martinez

Of course, the controllers are not wireless but there seems to be more wire for the Mini SNES so you’re not forced to be too close to your television.

mini snes wires
The wires of the Mini SNES look longer than the NES Photo: Player.One/Phillip Martinez

Control Slots are Hidden

And speaking of controls, the control slots on the Mini SNES are actually hidden. Like with the Mini NES, Nintendo has replicated the system down to the smallest detail and that includes the control slots. The original slots from the SNES are present and players will have to push out a plastic covering to put the controllers in. Check it out below.

mini snes control slots
The controls slots for the Mini SNES are hidden behind a plastic covering. Photo: Player.One/Phillip Martinez

The Mini Super Nintendo Entertainment System will release Sept. 29.

So how do you like how the Mini SNES looks? Let us know in the comments section below.

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