Minecraft Snapshot 22w11a: New Biome and 3D Audio

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Minecraft’s experimental build recently received an update that added tons of new content and a new audio option. The new content will be tested well before making its way into the live servers.

New Biome

The developers have introduced another biome to add variety to the game, and this time it’s the Deep Dark biome. The Deep Dark biome is the darkest so far in the game, and its floors are made of Sculk. This makes it spooky and hard for players to explore it. So, don’t forget to take torches, or you may have a hard time finding your way back to the surface.

New Audio Simulation

Minecraft can be a scary game because of creepy sounds by mobs like Creepers and Zombies. In this update, things will get scarier as the developers have added 3D Directional Audio simulation. This setting can be enabled in the sound options and to get the best out of it, the developers recommend wearing headphones.

Minecraft Snapshot 22w11a

New Features in 22w11a
  • Added the Deep Dark biome
  • Added Frogs & Tadpoles
  • Added mangrove blocks
  • Added mud and mud brick blocks
  • Added Sculk, Sculk Veins, Sculk Shrieker, and Sculk Catalyst blocks
  • Added 3D Directional Audio option
  • Frogs can jump
  • Frogs can swim
  • Frogs can walk on land
  • Frogs can croak
  • Frogs can eat small slimes, causing a slime ball to drop
  • Frogs can eat small Magma Cubes, causing a Froglight block to drop
  • Each Frog variant drops a specific Froglight Block
  • Three Froglight blocks are added, a light source block
  • Tadpoles can swim in water
  • Tadpoles on land “jump around” like fishes on land, and eventually dies
  • Tadpoles that grows up turns into a Frog
  • Tadpoles grow into a different type of frog based on the biome they are born in (Cold, Temperate, Warm)
  • Tadpoles can be caught in a bucket
Mangrove Wood Blocks
Added a new type of wood: Mangrove! Mangrove biome + mangrove trees are coming in a later snapshot.
  • Mangrove log and stripped mangrove log
  • Mangrove wood and stripped mangrove wood
  • Mangrove roots and muddy mangrove roots
  • Mangrove boat, button, pressure plate, door, trapdoor, sign, slab, fence, fence gate, and stairs
  • Mud is a block that will generate in the upcoming Mangrove biome.
  • When walking on mud, entities sink down a bit. Like soul sand, but without the slowdown.
  • Mud can be created by using a water bottle on dirt, by hand, or with a dispenser.
  • Packed mud can be crafted from mud

You can read more about the update here.

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