Minecraft Earth Lets You Adventure Indoors With Adventure Crystals

A new way to an adventure.
A new way to an adventure. Mojang

Minecraft Earth announced that players should expect a lot of changes to the game over the coming days. One of these changes appears to be geared towards being able to play despite being inside your home. Minecraft Earth now lets you stay in and go on an adventure on your own terms with Adventure Crystals.

So what are Adventure Crystals? These are powerful jewels that can be collected not only from Tappables, but also from Adventure Chests. With these crystals in hand, players can summon an Adventure anywhere. Once players take on an adventure, they get the chance to uncover an Adventure Chest, which contains amazing loot and possibly additional crystals. However, don’t think this makes things easy as Bone Spiders are set to arrive in adventures.

Take an adventure indoors.
Take an adventure indoors. Mojang

That’s not all the new things arriving to Minecraft Earth. Those who have been playing the game are probably familiar with Common, Uncommon, and Rare crystals. It turns out that Epic and Legendary crystals are going to arrive in the near future.

There’s no doubt that the changes mentioned are in response to the COVID-19 precautionary guidelines. As such, players can also expect an increase in the spawn rate of Tappables as well as in their density.

In order to make the game even more exciting, the level cap has been raised to 25. This should allow for some truly exiting games in the house.

There are also new Mobs coming. The Tropical Slime is an aquatic ooze that travels with a school of fish and can give a beach feel to any Buildplate. Another new Mob is the Iron Furnace Golem, which is an excellent protector that can burn bridges. Be careful if one is on your buildplate.

Speaking of Buildplates, the Dark Forest is now available to everyone in the Store.

There’s a lot of new changes that are going to be rolled in out the coming weeks, so be sure to keep an eye on them.

Minecraft Earth is a spin-off of Minecraft and also puts emphasis on exploration, gathering resources, building structures, and crafting. However, unlike Minecraft, both Build and Play mode have buildplates overlayed on the real world through augmented reality and the player’s built-in phone camera. In the game, players gather resources by collecting Tappables and completing adventures.

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