Minecraft Earth Early Access Available in New Zealand And Iceland

Early access is out.
Early access is out. Microsoft

Minecraft Earth announced that early access in now available for both Android and iOS. Before you get too excited, for now it's limited to New Zealand and Iceland. Don't worry too much, though, as over the next few weeks, early access for Minecraft Earth is going to be released in more and more countries worldwide.

Even before your region becomes available for Minecraft Earth early access, what can you expect? For one, you'll be able to throw down a buildplate and even create an interactive Minecraft diorama for everyone to to enjoy. You may even come across some tappables while walking home. If you do so, just tap to unlock resources and unique mobs.

Early access also allows you to craft and smelt resources while being able to collaborate with other builders in order to make masterpieces together. If you're up to the challenge, you can go on adventures and test your survival skills in battle. If that's not your cup of tea, you can just take the time to enjoy your flower-topped friend that is the Muddy Pig.

Minecraft Earth is an augmented reality sandbox mobile game based on Minecraft. Like the game it is based on, Minecraft Earth focuses on gathering resources, building structures, crafting, and of course, exploration. Players can gather resources by tapping on what are called as "tappables." Players can work with other players to build augmented reality structures. Players can also access "Adventures." Completing them rewards players with in-game currency. Since Minecraft Earth makes us of augmented reality, the game takes into account physical objects like trees and lakes so there are fewer incidents and interference with the AR simulation. That said, developer Microsoft reminded players that safety should always be the top priority when playing the game.

For those who are excited about Minecraft Earth, but haven't had the chance to try it out, there's still an opportunity by visiting a Microsoft Store and trying out a demo. Demos are available in Microsoft stores throughout the US and Canada, along with stores in Sydney and London.

You can learn more about this upcoming game here.

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