Minecraft Dungeons: Fauna Faire is Here; Features Enchantsmith and Treetop Tangle

Fauna Faire
Fauna Faire Twitter/@dungeonsgame

There are a lot of things in store for players of Minecraft Dungeons in the recently released Patch The Fauna Faire is here, and with it, are some new features that players will surely love, including a new way for them to enchant their gear and a new mission that will keep them busy for days.

Animals in the Tower

The Fauna Faire has arrived in Minecraft Dungeons. This is the third seasonal adventure of the game and its main theme is animals. Players can earn emotes, skins, and cosmetics inspired by cute pets in this season’s Adventure Pass. For instance, the Grey Tabby can be acquired at Level 21 of the Premium Track.

The Treetop Tangle

Players can also complete a free new mission called the Treetop Tangle in the latest update for Minecraft Dungeons. This mission is set on Jungle Island, where players will find a giant tree that they can climb. What mysteries await the brave adventurers?

Well, there are new pieces of gear to be had, such as the Totem of Casting, Root Rot Armor, and the unique Black Spot Armor. The good news is that the mission is available to everyone, even those without the Jungle Awakens DLC.

Equipment So Enchanting

There’s a new NPC merchant called the Enchantsmith in Minecraft Dungeons. Players can unlock this NPC by rescuing the merchant in Highblock Halls.

Players can go to the Enchantsmith just southwest of the Adventure Hub and have the new NPC re-roll the enchantments on their favorite pieces of gear.

Fauna Faire
Fauna Faire Twitter/@dungeonsgame

Improved Multiplayer

The Tower has become more powerful and the challenges that lie within may be too much for a single person to face. Fortunately, developer Mojang Studios allows up to four players to join in, whether locally or in online multiplayer.

While players don’t have to face the new challenges alone, they all have a shared pool of lives during a Tower run, so it’s still important that everyone stays alive. Furthermore, the difficulty scales based on the number of players. If four players plan to enter the tower together, they can expect that this is not going to be a walk in the park.

Seasonal Adventure Changes

  • When leaving the Adventure Hub after changing seasons, a popup now appears to inform players that any Adventure Points they earn will go towards the last selected season

  • A popup now appears on the screen during gameplay when ranking up in a Seasonal Adventure

  • Improved the Adventure Hub interface with new backgrounds for each season and other small interface tweaks

So, are you going to the Fauna Faire?

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