Minecraft Dungeons Update New Gameplay Area and Bug Fixes

Minecraft Dungeons closed-beta signups are now live!
Minecraft Dungeons closed-beta signups are now live! Microsoft Studios

Minecraft Dungeons recently received Patch that added new features and bug fixes.

In this update, players can experience a new gameplay area called The Tower. The game starts with players having no gear and making their way through floors to collect rewards. The Tower has 30 floors and the higher players go, the better the rewards. The Tower’s floors will change every few weeks, which gives players limited time to master the floor layout.

The developers also fixed an issue where the game would crash when the player swaps some melee weapons in mid-attack. Additionally, an issue where data could be lost when shutting down the PC during a loading screen has been fixed.

Minecraft Dungeons Update

  • Unintentional rolling is now prevented by increasing thumbstick deadzone maximum to 100%
  • Players must now “hold to confirm” to pick up a banner from a Raid Captain, to prevent accidental pickup
  • The “Back to Back” achievement now unlocks correctly
  • The “Ear Protection Recommended” achievement now unlocks correctly during online multiplayer sessions after meeting the criteria
  • Players can no longer be killed during the opening cutscene on Gauntlet of Gales
  • Windcaller mobs can no longer launch the player out of bounds on Gauntlet of Gales
  • Fixed an invisible collision that could block arrows on End Wilds
  • Fixed an area that allowed players to leave the playable area on Windswept Peaks
  • Fixed an area that allowed players to leave the playable area on Broken Citadel
  • Fixed an area that allowed players to leave the playable area on Creeper Woods
  • Fixed some chests clipping through walls on Frozen Fjord
  • Corrupted Seeds now have consistent behavior against flying mobs
  • Fixed a permanent damage reduction by utilizing Ghostly Armor and Ghost Kindler
  • Fixed some Spookier Fall event gear not showing the proper glow effects when fully enchanted
  • The Gravity Pulse enchantment now plays a sound effect when triggered
  • Fixed the Tempo Theft enchantment not triggering after a killing blow
User Interface
  • Accessibility improvements and fixes for text-to-speech on several screens
  • Fixed slow waiting times when linking to a Microsoft Account
  • Fixed an incorrect translation of Torment Arrows
Known Issues
  • Tower progress is reset if internet connectivity is lost during a Tower run
  • Players will be pulled out of the pause screen if their controller disconnects
  • Enchantment point values can become negative after gilding an enchanted item at the Gildsmith

You can read more about the update here.

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