Minecraft Dungeons: Enchantsmith Costs Reduced in Update

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Have you been playing Minecraft Dungeons lately? If so, how’s your experience with Fauna Faire so far? Well, there’s a patch for the popular title that brings some adjustments to the Enchantsmith Merchant and more.

The Enchantsmith was introduced in the Fauna Faire Update for Minecraft Dungeons. This NPC allows you to reroll an enchantment on a piece of gear with a new random one. While there are some who are lucky in getting their preferred enchantment in just a few tries, you might not have the same experience. The good news is that the developers have lowered the Enchantsmith costs in Update

Now, the base price for enchantment has been lowered from 100 to just 20 gold. Furthermore, the maximum re-roll price is now set to 100 instead of 250 gold.

Aside from that, the amount of gold that you can get from the Gold and Rare Gold Chests in Ancient Hunts is increased. For example, the minimum gold from Rare Gold Chests is doubled, so you can now gain at least eight gold when you open some.

Patch Notes

Enchantsmith Merchant
  • Price increase per re-roll from 5% > 10%
  • Item power scaler from 1 > 0.65
Ancient Hunts
  • Gold Chest
    • Max gold increased to 6
  • Rare Gold Chest
    • Max gold increased to 10
  • Sponge Striker
    • Sponge Striker now correctly scales damage with difficulty
    • Sponge Striker now deals damage as a cleave applied to the last arc of an attack combo, rather than only applying to the initially targeted enemy
  • Gravity affecting players now lasts for 1 second instead of 4 seconds
  • Ranged attacks with the Gravity enchantment will now trigger the Gravity FX in the correct location, making it easier to see what is being affected and from where
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when visiting the Powersmith and quickly going up to the next Tower floor
  • Fixed a soft lock that could occur when dying in the Tower after resuming a Tower run
  • The game no longer soft locks on the Floor reward screen when accessing a Settings submenu while other players move to the next floor
  • Fixed a crash that could occur on Xbox when switching profiles
  • Fixed a crash that could occur in the Tower by requiring all players to be loaded into the game before moving to the next floor
  • Exploding Crossbow and its variants no longer apply enchantments on splash damage
  • Fixed Bonehead Hammer particle effects freezing on the inventory screen in multiplayer games

The list of changes can be found on Minecraft Dungeon’s official website.

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