Minecraft: Bedrock Players Can Now Use Spectator Mode Freely in Update 1.19.50

Minecraft: Bedrock
Minecraft: Bedrock Mojang Studios

After seven long months as an experimental feature, players can now use Spectator Mode with no experimental toggle required in Minecraft: Bedrock Update 1.19.50.

Players who want to use this feature must have the cheats enabled in Minecraft: Bedrock. Once that is done, they can head to Personal Game Mode in the settings and select the “Spectator” option from there. Alternatively, players can type the “/gamemode spectator” command to get started.

Now, there are some important things to take note of here. Spectators have a reduced HUD, meaning certain elements like the crosshair, XP bar, and armor cannot be seen while in this mode. Furthermore, spectators are not subject to collision, allowing them to move unhindered. This also means that they cannot block mobs or interact with items.

Update 1.19.50 also introduces new touch controls, such as “Joystick and tap to interact,” “Joystick and aim crosshair,” and “D-pad and tap to interact.” These new touch controls are enabled on mobile devices by default and players have the option to choose between any of them depending on their preference.

New Features

Spectator Mode
  • Players’ inventory, health, held items, etc, are unchanged when switching in and out of Spectator Mode
  • Spectators are always flying and cannot be grounded
  • Spectators can see out of solid objects when inside blocks
  • Spectators cannot take damage and are not affected by any blocks, mobs, items, portals, or effects
  • Spectators cannot open their inventory or interact with block screens, like Chests or Furnaces
  • Spectators cannot be seen by mobs or other players, except other players in Spectator Mode
  • Spectators appear as a transparent floating head to other players in Spectator Mode
  • Spectators are not needed to sleep to pass the night
  • When playing in first person perspective, spectators do not see their arm or held item
  • Spectators generate chunks, if they fly to new chunks
  • Spectators do not spawn any mobs
  • Non-persistent mobs around spectators will check for distance to any non-spectators when deciding if they should despawn
  • Commands can select and act on spectators
Experimental Features
  • Bamboo Wood Blocks
    • Added the Bamboo family of blocks as a wood type and use for Bamboo
    • Added Bamboo Raft
  • Camel
    • Added Camels, which can spawn in desert villages
    • Two players can ride Camels together
    • Camels are tall animals and riders are high enough off the ground, out of range from mob melee attacks
    • Camels can walk and sprint, or dash with a short burst of speed
    • Camels randomly sit down for short periods of time and flick their ears about
  • Chiseled Bookshelf
    • A new, chiseled variation of the Bookshelf
    • Can store Books, Book and Quills, and Enchanted Books
    • Holds up to 6 Books. Keeps the stories and lore of your world safe
    • Comparators can detect the last book placed/removed. Perfect for hiding secrets in your spooky library

Minecraft: Bedrock Update 1.19.50 is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, and PC.

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