Minecraft 1.18 Pre-Release 2 Technical Changes and Bug Fixes

Minecraft: Snapshot 21w39a
Minecraft: Snapshot 21w39a Mojang Studios

Minecraft recently received an update that fixed lots of bugs. The developers also have made a technical change: Minecraft now uses Java 17. If players are using a third-party launcher or custom java setup, then they have to manually update Java to version 17 or above.

Additionally, an issue where sprinting while flying into a block causes the screen to rapidly zoom in and out has been fixed in the latest update. This was annoying because it can happen a lot if you are using the Creative Mode to move around places.

Minecraft 1.18 Pre-Release 2

  • Floating water/lava above caves/cave carver doesn’t update water
  • Minecarts have old textures on the bottom
  • Large dripstone structures can be generated outside the caves
  • Some high-speed particles lag/freeze the game
  • Painting back texture is mirrored
  • Goats on fire do not attempt to pathfind towards the water
  • Albert Pastore’s name is grey and improperly indented in the credits
  • Credits say ‘‘IT Manager’’ instead of ‘‘IT Managers’’
  • “Explore, dream, discover” quote no longer appears after new credits
  • Random names in the new credits use curly quotes/apostrophes
  • Steven Silvester’s name is misspelled in the credits
  • In the credits, Elizabeth Batson’s company name is improperly capitalized
  • The usage and punctuation of “Inc” is still inconsistent in the credits
  • Missing “(” in Frank Criscione credit
  • Biome-exclusive mob spawn rates are reduced
  • Seeds that spawn you in the middle of the ocean cause lag
  • Server address is shown when connection fails during server startup
  • Passive mobs (cows, pigs, sheep, chickens) sometimes do not spawn
  • UpgradeData in chunk is not migrated to new world height
  • Crash and/or data corruption upon attempting to save a world with a world border center over 30 million blocks
  • Lava pockets generate in icebergs
  • Kumi Tanioka isn’t under “Music composed by” in the credits
  • Upgrading old worlds causes vines to have the wrong block state
  • Fences, iron bars, and glass panes often use an incorrect block state after conversion
  • Water from old chunks don’t properly propagate into new chunks
  • Connected redstone does not properly upgrade from older versions
  • Holes in worlds created in Alpha and Infdev below y=0 after conversion
  • Duplicated mineshafts with new cave generation
  • Mob Spawning in structures fails in pre-1.18 generated monuments/swamp huts/outposts
  • Biomes in old chunks are not copied to new caves below Y=0 when chunks are extended
  • “Allow Server Listings” option doesn’t save its last setting
  • Powder snow does not reduce or negate fall damage
  • Some Mojang employees are not mentioned in the credits
  • Double chests have incorrect block states after upgrading old worlds
  • Powered buttons, pressure plates, and tripwire hooks remain powered forever after upgrading old worlds
  • Fossils get cut off at chunk borders
  • Floating water generates around ravines

You can read more about the update here.

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