Military Conflict: Vietnam New Gameplay Improvements Added in Latest Update

Military Conflict: Vietnam
Military Conflict: Vietnam Steam

There are so many first-person shooters nowadays that each game must have something unique to stand out from the pack. Military Conflict: Vietnam might appeal to you because, in this title, you’ll be fighting as a member of the Viet Cong guerillas or the US Army.

The game features six classes, each with its own unique role. These are the Assault, Medic, Gunner, Sniper, Engineer, and Radioman. Military Conflict: Vietnam also offers seven distinct game modes, giving you a variety of alternatives to choose from based on your mood.

Developer Dustfade Studios just dropped a new update that brought gameplay improvements. One of the most notable things added in this patch is the new sway system for weapons.

Gun Game in Military Conflict: Vietnam is a game mode where you use a different weapon every time you eliminate an enemy. That said, you now have infinite reserve ammo in Gun Game thanks to the latest patch, although reloading is still necessary.

Some maps have been tweaked as well. For instance, the NLF Camp’s spawn area is increased to prevent people from camping and killing newly resurrected players.


  • Fixed losing all experience warning appeared when a player is in intermission
  • Gas mask is no longer auto-switched to after throwing grenades/running out of ammo
  • Removed Kar98k from Gun Game rotation, and added scoped variant of CAR15 and StG-44 into rotation
  • Fixed rocket launchers not being removed in Gun Game after advancing weapons
  • Fixed health regenerating while burning
  • Corrected AK-47, Type 56-1, and TUL-1 models
  • Reduced shake scale on all equipment by 30 to 50%
  • HDM pistol now has 10 bullets in magazine and deals less damage
  • PPS-43 fixed the wrong world model position, updated the world model texture, and sounds
  • Carl Gustav M/45 updated world models texture and sounds
  • M870 increased spread slightly and decreased damage slightly
  • Fusil Robust increased spread slightly and decreased damage slightly
  • Siege of Hue
    • Adjusted minimap to latest changes
  • NLF Camp
    • Added extra cars near to spawns for additional cover
    • Adjusted minimap to latest changes
  • Fixed selecting different teams multiple times in loadout selection did not update the player model
  • Rank data is now sent to Steam Leaderboards
  • Server browser can now show bots separately
  • Deathmatch is not ticked now by default in the workshop menu if the map does not have deathmatch spawns
  • Fixed player count in server browser was incorrect if there were bots on the server
  • Changed default voice codec from Celt to Speex (for 64-bit support)
  • Infinity symbol is now displayed instead of ammo counter when infinite ammo is enabled
  • Fixed certain hats floating in mid-air when the player died

Military Conflict: Vietnam December 28 Update is available on PC.

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