Midnight Ghost Hunt: Perk and Weapon Balancing Changes Implemented in Early Access Patch 2

Early Access Patch 2
Early Access Patch 2 Twitter/@PlayMGH

Developer Vaulted Sky Games has deployed a new update for Midnight Ghost Hunt. The game is still in early access but the second patch implements a lot of perk and weapon balancing changes, including the Reaper, Phantom Ghost ability, and so much more.

The Reaper is a sniper rifle that Hunters can use to fight Ghosts. That said, Early Access Patch 2 makes it slightly more accurate when fired from the hip. In other words, you do not have to scope in to get an accurate shot with the said weapon. Furthermore, the crosshair is now accurate to the level of spread during movement.

The Phantom, on the other hand, is an ability that can help Ghosts get away from Hunters during a chase. This update improves this ability because it not only breaks pings from certain Hunter gadgets, such as the Radar and Pathfinder, but the Ghost using it cannot be pinged directly during the ability’s duration as well.

Other changes and improvements can be found in the patch notes below.


  • NEW EASTER EGG PROP! (1 on every map, can you find them all?)
  • We have made some major improvements to the anti-cheat! Please continue to report cheaters as you see them, we have taken action on some accounts already, and will continue to do so as needed
  • Fixed major Ghost damage bug sometimes causing "11" or similar damage - this was due to latency and incorrect ordering of the damage server-side
  • Fixed several prop hit detection issues, related to the knock-back from the Salt Shotgun and other collision issues
  • Frostbite's slow effectiveness improved and damage increased
  • Project X damage has been bumped down slightly
  • Untrappable now prevents Frostbite slow in addition to the others
  • Added Korean and Italian as supported languages. More to come!
  • Ghost souls for reviving will now return to the floor to prevent souls from floating and being unable to be revived
  • You can now directly ping Apparition ghosts as if they were a real Ghost
  • Miasma can no longer damage generators/traps/C4 through walls
  • Doppelganger damage increased slightly and cooldown reduced slightly
  • Fixed Doppelganger health bug with custom rules enabled
  • Shove Hunters has been adjusted to be more consistent with the displacement effect
  • The basketballs in School are now 100% more bouncy
  • Fixed falling out of the map on Asylum as a dead ghost, sorry about that!
  • Many collision issues were fixed as well

Midnight Ghost Hunt Early Access Patch 2 is available on PC.

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