Midnight Ghost Hunt Available on Steam Early Access

Prepare for the hunt.
Prepare for the hunt. Vaulted Sky Games

Multiplayer hide-and-seek game Midnight Ghost Hunt is now on PC through Steam Early Access. It's available for $19.99. There's also the Early Backer Pack priced at $39.99.

The pack has a bunch of treats offered, some of which remain to be in production and will be available soon in-game. These include:

  • A fancy in-game title that identifies the player as an “Early Backer."
  • Various skins to be added soon:
    • Ghost Skin: The Lord, as seen in the cinematic trailer.
    • Ghost Skin: The Lady, famous for her appearance in the same cinematic trailer.
    • Hunter Skin: The Veteran, who's been around the haunted block and is definitely getting too old for these shenanigans.
    • Hunter Skin: The Rookie, who's new to the game but makes up for it with ambition and spunk.

For those who want more, they can get the Early Backer Bundle at $49.30. In addition to the base game and Early Backer Pack, it also comes with the soundtrack.

Here are the features of the game:

  • A Ghostly Multiplayer Hide-And-Seek Game
    • This 4v4 fight has players choose between Ghost and Hunter.
  • ​Tongue-In-Cheek Hide-And-Seek
    • As a Ghost, players can hide inside seemingly harmless pieces of furniture to evade the Hunters.
  • ​Midnight Mayhem
    • When the clock strikes twelve, the witching hour begins. At this time, the Hunters become the Hunted.
    • The tables turn and Ghosts become supercharged, giving Hunters a limited amount of time to survive their vengeful wrath.
  • 4v4 Multiplayer
    • Play together and communicate with the team to get the win.
  • ​Harness Supernatural Abilities
    • Reality has a lot of restrictions, but this doesn’t apply to Ghosts.
    • Supernatural powers include turning invisible, causing furniture to float, and even conjuring a dangerous Ghostly miasma.
    • Ghosts can also hide in plain sight by masquerading as a doppelgänger of the Hunter.
  • Other Ghostly Perks are:
    • Avoiding traps with Untrappable
    • Seeing nearby Hunters through walls with Perception
    • Extended possess range with Ghostly Reach
  • Armed and Ready
    • Hunters need to choose their weapons from a wide range of hi-tech gadgets designed to defeat Ghosts.
    • Detect ghostly presences using Spectrophone, Radar, and Pathfinder.
    • Capture Ghosts with a Trap and suck up their spectral remains with the Vacuum.
  • For those who want to be loud, blast the Ghosts to smithereens using:
    • Spectral Cannon
    • Sledgehammers
    • Harpoons
    • Salt-spewing shotguns
  • Blood-Curdling Maps
    • Explore and enjoy various settings like an abandoned theater, an eerie mansion, and a cursed pirate ship.
    • Each location requires different tactical considerations and items to throw about.

Which side are you on?

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