Midnight Ghost Hunt: Early Access Patch 1 Brings a Major Change to Quick Play; Implements Various Adjustments

Midnight Ghost Hunt
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Developers of Midnight Ghost Hunt released a new patch just a week after its launch to early access. Patch 1 brings a major change to Quick Play and various adjustments.

Midnight Ghost Hunt is a thrilling hide-and-seek game where you play as part of the ghosts or the hunters. Hunters use various gadgets and weapons to find and capture the ghosts. On the other hand, ghosts can terrorize the hunters, and they become supercharged whenever the clock strikes 12 midnight.

In the latest update, games in Quick Play now end after two full matches, and then, everyone will be put back into the queue. This change was made to improve the matchmaking pool significantly. If you want to continue the same game, you and others can vote for a rematch.

For adjustments, XP and Shards are now rewarded as soon as the match is over, instead of waiting until after the MVP screen. This is to prevent the issue where the host can deny progress just by quitting the game abruptly.

Aside from that, the Harpoon Bazooka for hunters now has a reload and cooldown animation. This is to make it less spammable than before. The duration of the Harpoon attachment has been reduced as well.


  • New "lobby code" system: Share the code to make it easier for your friends to join your lobby
  • Added 4 new languages: French, Spanish, Polish, and Brazilian Portuguese. More to come
  • BONUS NEW EMOTE: Rainbow!
  • Untrappable Ghost Perk now works as a counter to Harpoon as well by making the duration much shorter
  • Reaper is now less accurate while moving/not scoped in. Movement speed increases inaccuracy while hip firing
  • Pinging a player now will only track them for 2.5 seconds instead of 4, allowing for more escapes
  • Minor prop health and speed adjustments and Ghost form is slightly faster now
  • Streamer mode improvements now hide the lobby name, invite code, and team text chat
  • Added option to turn off the auto-balancer in Server Tools
  • Vacuum and Consume XP set to 50 XP down from 100 XP due to outshining kills in the MVP screen
  • Fix the issue where you could not apply some resolution settings in the video options menu
  • Password entry is no longer visible in plaintext
  • Potentially fixed memory issue while sitting in the friend invite screen for awhile
  • Fix the "Generator Under Attack" sound not playing
  • Many map collision problems and unintended hiding spots fixed

Midnight Ghost Hunt Early Access Patch 1 is available on PC.

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